Australians are keen to keep pets (infographic)According to an Australian media report on January 1nd, a survey by the Australian Animal Health Alliance showed that Australia has one of the highest rates of pet keeping in the world. Australia has more pets than the population of Australia by 2 million.

Statistics show that about 63% of households in Australia have raised more than 2500 million animalspet,其中包括420万只宠物狗、330万只宠物猫、1070万条宠物鱼、480万只雀鸟,以及220万只小型哺乳类动物和爬虫类动物。

Approximately 90% of Australian pet owners surveyed stated that they treat their pets as family members. 70% of respondents said that they keep pets to find a companion for themselves, and their trust in pets is much higher than that of their friends.

In addition, Australians are very caring about their pets. They not only pay attention to the health of their pets, but also devote themselves to improving the quality of their pets' life, such as buying food and toys for their pets. Pet owners even buy insurance for them and take them to Chinese medicine, acupuncture and hydrotherapy. Therefore, Australia's pet-related industries can create 80 billion Australian dollars for the economy every year.

(Source: China Daily Net Xinlian Editor: Liu Shidong)