2014-01-24 10:04:35 Source: Sydney Original Website Nikiedit

Sydney News On January 1, Australian Eastern Time, yesterday (Thursday), a young girl was tragically dragged off the train by her uncle at Strathfield Railway Station, one of the busiest railway stations in Sydney, and raped. In the incident, passengers who were shocked by the incident expressed their anger and fear. At present, the man Ben Kooy (24 years old) has been arrested by the police.

(The picture shows Ben Kooy attending the court yesterday)

According to a report in the Daily Telegraph, at lunchtime this Wednesday, the 17-year-old was dragged off by Kooy from a Northern Line train while traveling alone, and was taken to him after being tied up. Inside a dirty toilet in Strathfield, where Kooy raped the girl, the crime lasted 24 minutes.

After the incident, the police successfully captured Kooy by reviewing CCTV surveillance video. He was charged with sexual intercourse without consent and did not apply for bail when he attended Burwood District Court yesterday. The police described Kooy's criminal behavior as "blatant," but praised the station staff and the police for their quick response, and quickly arrested the criminal after the incident.