Girls suffer from depression twice as much as boys

Published 17 January 2014, 12:14 AEST

A study by the Murdoch Children’s Institute in Australia found that teenage girls have twice as much depression and anxiety disorders as teenage boys. Researchers monitored nearly 1992 secondary school students in Victoria between 2008 and 2000.

This group of students, aged between 15 and 29, each have to be tested for mental disorders eight times. The research report published in the authoritative British medical journal "The Lancet" found that 54% of adolescent girls will suffer from depression or anxiety during adolescence, while only 29% of boys suffer from this disease.

The lead author of the report, Professor George Barton, said that it is unclear why girls have more problems. He said that this may be related to biology. Maybe girls have this susceptible physique.

Professor Barton said that the study confirmed that the proportion of young people suffering from mental health disorders is high. However, he said that their research also has encouraging findings. He said that many symptoms of adolescence, especially those that are short-term, are limited to adolescence and will not be brought into adulthood and will not recur in the future.

Professor Barton said that in general, most of the diseases of adolescence will not recur in adulthood, but he is still not so optimistic about the prospects of girls.