2014-01-27 16:06:30 Source: Sydney Original Website Nikiedit

Sydney News from Australia Eastern Time on January 1, Australia’s National Day (27th) in Melbourne, where a horrific and violent murder occurred. After 26 armed youth groups broke into a private house overnight, they beat one to death on the spot. A 10-year-old man, two others were injured.

(The picture shows the yellow car destroyed by the mob)

At around 1:26 pm on January 10th, Australian Eastern Time, 00 young thugs broke into Deer Park with weapons. After damaging a yellow box car parked in the front lane, they broke into Violence followed in a residential house on Billingham Road. A 10-year-old man in the room was brutally murdered. The other two were injured in their hands and legs and were sent to the hospital for treatment.

Ms. Helen Thwaites, who lives in the surrounding area, said that after the young man was killed, she heard heart-piercing crying from the room. "Many residents are very afraid of this happening. It really frightened us. We couldn't sleep at all last night. I hope the police can catch these bad guys as soon as possible," she said.

According to the police, the 10 people armed with machetes, metal rods and other weapons, broke into a house after smashing a car. A few minutes later, the 20-year-old man was brutally killed. According to a neighbor in the surrounding area, when the thugs left the Deer Park property after killing, they also carried out loud racist abuse, and finally disappeared in the nearby park. "They don't seem to panic after the murder at all," said a 50-year-old man.

"The police said that this attack was not random. "This is almost a homicide incident in a private house. We are very confident that we can investigate this matter to the bottom of the truth. "Mr. Paul Tremain, Senior Homicide Detective Police Chief.