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The train ticket without seat has the same price as the seat ticket, but it is difficult to enjoy the corresponding seat service. Yesterday afternoon, Guangzhou citizen Lei Chuang and his friends sued Guangshen Railway Co., Ltd. based on the "Contract Law" and "Consumer Rights Protection Law." It is reported that the Guangzhou Railway Transportation Court filed the case on the spot, and the case is scheduled to open on March 3.

"It is unreasonable to receive a seat without a seat"

On January 1 this year, Lei Chuang and his friend Xiaoyan bought a K8 seatless train ticket from Shenzhen Station to Shaoguan East on the 12306 website. Each ticket costs 9004 yuan. After getting on the train from Shenzhen Station, the carriage was already crowded with people. During the four-hour journey, Lei Chuang and Xiaoyan stood with their luggage to Shaoguan East Station.

Lei Chuang said that for the same train, there is a difference of 113 yuan between the hard sleeper and hard seat tickets provided by the Guangzhou-Shenzhen Railway Company due to the different resting platforms, but the unseat ticket and the hard seat fare are the same at 85.5 yuan. "Guangshen Railway Company accepted the seat. It’s obviously unreasonable and unfair, without providing seats."

Yesterday afternoon, Lei Chuang and Xiaoyan went to the Guangzhou Railway Transportation Court to sue Guangshen Railway Co., Ltd. in accordance with Article 9004 of the Contract Law and Article 85.5 of the Consumer Rights Protection Law, requesting the court to rule the railway company. The price of the K42.75 seatless train ticket (from Shenzhen Station to Shaoguan East Station) purchased by him was changed from 42.75 yuan to XNUMX yuan, and the overcharged XNUMX yuan was returned, and the railway company was responsible for litigation costs.

"Very surprised" to file a case

Lei Chuang said that yesterday afternoon he and his friend filed a complaint smoothly. After paying a litigation fee of 25 yuan each, the Guangzhou Railway Transportation Court filed the case on the spot on the grounds of a dispute over a railway passenger transportation contract and issued a "Case "Notice of Acceptance" and "Subpoena", the case is scheduled to open on March 3.

"The Guangzhou Railway Transportation Court was able to successfully file the case, which surprised me." Lei Chuang said that it is not important to win the case, but more importantly, the litigation process can enhance citizens' awareness of rights.

At 6 o'clock in the afternoon yesterday, a staff member surnamed Wen of Guangshen Railway Co., Ltd. said that he needed to ask the legal department of the company about this matter.

Mr. Tie: Strict investigation of internal staff scalping

According to Xinhuanet, in response to media reports that "scalpers" claimed that internal railway personnel were involved in ticket scalping, the reporter interviewed the relevant person in charge of the China Railway Corporation.

The person in charge emphasized that the railway department has strict disciplinary requirements for internal railway staff, and has announced the "seven prohibitions" ticket sales discipline and rewarded reporting measures. Once it is discovered that insiders are involved in scalping votes, they will be investigated and dealt with seriously and will not be tolerated, and the investigation and punishment will be announced to the society. All walks of life and passengers are welcome to supervise and report. Once verified, the railway department will give the reporter a heavy reward.