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According to Phoenix Entertainment, the date of the 2014 CCTV Spring Festival Gala of the Year of the Horse is getting closer and closer.After the end, different types of programs began to rehearse in batches. On January 1, Phoenix Entertainment exclusively obtained the program list of some programs of this year's Spring Festival Gala from insiders.According to reports: Cui Jian, who appeared on the CCTV Spring Festival Gala for the first time, will sing the classic song "Girl in the Flower House"; Zhang Mingmin changed "My Chinese Heart" to "My Chinese Dream", highlighting the characteristics of the times.

Looking back in thirty years

Zhang Mingmin sings "Chinese Dream" on Spring Festival Gala again

Once in the Spring Festival Gala stage singing "My Chinese Heart" 30 years agoHong KongZhang Mingmin, will be on the Spring Festival Gala again this year, singingHis name is "My Chinese Dream". Although it is only one word short of "My Chinese Heart", the distinctive characteristics of the times have been revealed.

According to reports from insiders, the performance of this Spring Festival GalaThe appearance of one person's name is also very shocking-Liang Jiahui.According to reports, Leung Ka Fai will be with a femaleTo sing together called "The Best Night".Leung Ka-fai’s in the classic comedy "East and the West"Audience fans still remember the transcripts, but his impression in people's minds is not a person who is good at singing and dancing. This time the actor opened his voice for the first time on such a formal stage of the Spring Festival Gala, which is very exciting!However, it remains to be seen whether Mr. Liang, who has poor singing skills, can pass the following rehearsals and finally board the Spring Festival Gala on New Year’s Eve.

The Spring Festival Gala of the Godfather of Rock

Cui Jian sings the classic song "Girl in the Flower House"

It is mentioned that Cui Jian, the godfather of rock and roll in China, seems to be a person who has no possibility to associate with CCTV Spring Festival Gala. He has always had a relationship with CCTV. Cui Jian once criticized the Spring Festival Gala. It was not until last year that he participated in the recording of CCTV programs for the first time .

However, it was reported not long ago that Guru Cui might be on the Spring Festival Gala this year, and then there were rumors that he would play an important role in the opening show on the Spring Festival Gala stage. But what song he will sing, there has been no news on the Internet.

According to the playlist obtained by Phoenix Entertainment, Cui Jian will perform his classic song "Girl in the Flower House". Cui Jian, who advocates the real singing movement, does not rule out that he will lead his band on stage. According to insiders, the two songs "Sweet" and "Dance of Youth" in the same singing unit were also adapted into rock genre.

Spring Festival Gala Feng Family Class

Sun Nan, Yao Beina, Zhang Liangying, Huang Qishan, Wang Zhengliang all participate in the Spring Festival Gala

This year's Spring Festival Gala and previous Spring Festival GalaThe difference is that non-system directors are enabled.The stakes are in singing and dancingA clue can be seen on the list of actors, such as Sun Nan, Yao Beina, Zhang Liangying, Huang Qishan, Wang Zhengliang, who are inextricably linked with director Feng DaAll of them may have the Spring Festival Gala this year.

Sun Nan used to beSang the same name of "See You or Leave"It is reported that this year he will sing "Wanquan River Clear and Clear" after performing the "Red Detachment of Women" segment at the Central Ballet.Zhang Liangying, who once sang the theme song "I Repay the Love with All of My Love" for "Night Banquet", is also loved by Director Feng. According to insiders, this year's Spring Festival Gala Zhang Liangying is likely to sing "I Miss You 365 Days". ", it may also be otherchorus.Wang Zhengliang, who sang the theme song "Where is the time" for "Private Order", has been determined to take this song to the 2014 CCTV Spring Festival Gala stage for the Year of the Horse.

because"》Big red and signed with HuayiHuang Qishan, it is understood that recentlyFrequent contact, she is likely to perform a solo performance on the Spring Festival Gala stage, and another Huayi artist Yao Beina also appeared at the Spring Festival Gala rehearsal on the 15th.As for what these two will singIt is not yet known.

In addition to the Feng family members, the artists cultivated by CCTV will also show their voices on the stage of this Spring Festival Gala.According to insiders, Huozunin, son of HuofengCCTV three sets of "China is good"Has also accumulated a high popularity, he will sing in "Good》Original sung on stage"Rolling Bead Curtain".A Bao and Wang Erni, who became popular with "Avenue of Stars", will sing "Bright Lanterns".

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