Regardless of her own safety, Lauren Prezioso, a NSW woman who was eight months pregnant, bravely rescued two boys who fell into the water.

Ms. Prezioso, 33, was resting in Coffs Harbour with her husband Gustavo and son Enzo last Monday afternoon. Suddenly she heard a woman screaming. She found that the two sons of the woman who called for help had been Involved in the sea.

Ms. Prezioso waited for a while, hoping that one of the 100 beach tourists who were on the beach at the time would react, but after realizing that no one had taken any action, she jumped into the sea and swam towards the two boys. Ms. Prezioso said: "The children did not scream loudly, but I knew they were in danger. It was a huge wave and they were caught under the huge wave. I swam over and caught the children. Grab one... but because both arms are occupied, I can't get my head out of the water."

Despite being confident in her swimming skills and having received life-saving training, Ms. Prezioso started to panic when she was unable to surface. She said: "I started to sink. At this time, someone pushed us to the shore. I was really frightened."

When the two boys and Ms. Prezioso were rescued ashore, Ms. Prezioso described her panic to the boys. She said: "I was trembling and crying and couldn't believe it. How could this happen?" After experiencing some hardship, the two boys reunited with their mother, and their mother thanked Ms. Prezioso.

The mother of the boy in the sea said that his family moved to Australia from Africa and neither of the children could swim. Ms. Prezioso said: "She really thanked me very much and asked if I could accept her a hug." Despite her bravery, Ms. Prezioso insisted that this is something that any ordinary person would do. She said: "I don't think of myself as a brave mother. I think anyone will do this and everyone will make the same choice."