Sex workerIs it a bad guy?

I chatted with a good friend that day and he said he was making one on handSex workerSocial survey, I hope I can help him.

I said, this is a good subject, but can these situations be made public?

He said that if the number, location, and individual are not involved, I think it can be made public.

I said, first of all, you need to know why this girl went there, what did you do inside, since it is a fact, don't avoid it. Because no matter what, as long as it can exist in the world, it is objective. Also, if you want to do a good job on this subject, you can't do it in a box, you must face it correctly.

He said that quite a few of our interviewees have a college education level or above, and it can be concluded that more girls are voluntary. There is something more ridiculous. A young lady said that she went to sit on the stage to realize the transfer of social wealth as soon as possible. You said, wouldn’t it be silly if a country relies on them to take the stage or introduce it to achieve wealth transfer, reduce social conflicts, or even stimulate domestic demand?

I said, haha, through research, don't you think they are not bad guys? As long as you have more contact with their group, it will melt, your opinions will not be so rigid, and the problem will be divided into two. In fact, they are a lookout for the development of Chinese society. Standing in this place, you can see a lot of things.