Why are sex workers not bad guys

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!

Sex workerIs it a bad guy?

With someone that day, He said handpositiveMake aSex workerSociety, I hope I can give him a little help.

, This is a good subject, but can these situations be made public?

He said that if the number, location, and individual are not involved, I think it can be made public.

,首先,你要知道这个为什么去的,到里面去干了什么,既然是一种事实,就不要回避它。因为不管什么事物,只要Existence in the world那它就是一种客观的。还有,想做好这个课题,不能带To do it, you must face it correctly.


,哈哈,通过搞调研,难道你不觉得她们不是坏人吗?只要你跟她们这个群体接触多了,就会融化了,就不那么死板了,看问题就会一分为二了。其实,她们是中国社会发展的一个了望台,站You can see a lot of things in this place.

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