High rate of laryngitis among STD patients in southeast Sydney | Australia

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SydneyThe proportion of patients suffering from laryngitis is extremely high

Published 21 January 2014, 14:04 AEST
Compilation: Yan Li, editor: Fang Teng


health generic SydneyThe rate of patients suffering from laryngitis is extremely high (Credit: ABC) 

在《澳大利亚杂志》(Medical Journal of Australia)上发布的这篇文章说,研究人员在2010年到2012年之间对淋病病人进行了调查。调查发现,90%的病人是男性,而且其中咽喉炎的人从87例上升到350例。

Related researchers say they don’t know why这种现象,他们只能联系这些病人的医生,询问这些病人为什么当初会做咽喉炎的检查,他们的如何,希望能通过进一步的研究找到在这一地区男性淋病病人喉炎发病率增高的.

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