Sydney Today, March 3th, Australian Eastern Time, Randwick has become one of the most popular areas. What attracted so many people to settle here? Let’s take a look at what Lucy Macken said.

In Randwick, there are people who grew up on Bondi Beach, Bellevue Mountain and Paddington. They have been used to the comfortable life of the southeast coastal area since they were young, and they may never have thought of leaving these places one day to live in other places. Knowing that one day, they discovered that it was very uncomfortable for the new children, pets and family members to squeeze into the original apartment, so they began to look at the various houses in Randwick.

Adrian Bo of McGrath Coogee said: "There are many shops and cafes, and there is even a suburban movie theater; of course, there are also a large number of immigrants from Bondi Beach." Randwick has many bus routes that go directly to the city and the airport, as well as Complete public facilities such as private schools. There is Centennial Park to the north and Coogee, Clovelly and Bronte beaches to the south. People flock here because the houses here are of different styles and the prices are much cheaper than the southern suburbs. In addition, the houses here are adjacent to the park, The Spot shopping mall, and there is convenient transportation to the school and the city.

Randwick's current main living conditions are as follows: In terms of housing price range, the price range of houses in the area ranges from A$100 million unrepaired semi to A$545 million newly completed in August last year with a 8 square meter four-bedroom apartment; the most popular The popular neighborhoods are Govett and Wentworth Streets, and Darley Road. In terms of the future development prospects of the real estate market in the area, Clinton McNabb, a researcher at the APM Research Center, pointed out: "The property prices in Randwick did not change last year, and the mid-range housing prices remained at 844 million. Around the Australian dollar." (Wendy)