Sydney Morning Herald: House prices in some suburbs of Canberra are expected to rise

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       Sydney Today AustraliaJune 3, Eastern Time,Industry透漏,堪培拉的Monash 和Gungahlin有望房价的上涨,澳物业监察中心预测这两个地区的房价2012年上涨将超过4%。

       评论四月份的杂志预测,Holt, Theodore和 Chisholm的房产也升值行列。该杂志是通过对2011年30个房价表现出色的首特地区比对之后做出的预测。Palmerston记录了平均房价上涨最快的地区,12个月里增幅为10.1%,达到513,750澳元。Dunlop 和Macgregor的平均房价也分别上涨7.8%和7.1%,Belconnen全年的平均房价上涨7.6%。


      The third highest rate of increase is the suburb of Gungahlin. Christine Shaw of Luton Real Estate believes that this rate of increase may be attributed to the fact that the area is a newly developed area with few houses requiring renovation. Craig Bright, head of the ACT area of ​​the Real Estate Research Institute, pointed out that due to the influence of first-time home buyers and second-time home buyers, housing prices in some newly developed suburbs in Canberra are expected to rise because these new houses can easily attract young people.

       Bright称,尽管2011年Gungahlin的平均房价上涨不少,但并不是所有郊区的房屋接下来一年内都有望上涨。虽然Gungahlin地区的房屋2012年有望平均上涨2%,但Bonner, Harrison 和Forde地区由于的影响,房价可能不会上涨。



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