Sydney Morning Herald: Newly developed communities in Sydney's outer suburbs are sought after

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       Sydney Today 东部时间4月23日 购房者对扩大房产面积,缩减房产面积或“合理面积”的需求正在驱动着悉尼最新开发的一些总体规划的社区的期房市场的需求。


       Mirvac社区的总规划师Matthew Wallace公布位于悉尼西南部Cecil Hills附近的The omenade建筑的72套期房道:“不是所有人都想在城市或住在市区的。在CBD商业之外的外环地区a lot of机会,而且距离市不足30分钟车程。”

       Bonnyrigg的Newleaf附近一个正在开发的社区Newleaf,该社区是由开发商Becton房产公司和新州住房部一起开发的,正在建第四期,待售房屋2332套,目前有一些已经售出。Becton的总经理Sebastian Catalfamo说:“Newleaf的优势在于,房屋已经建成。而且它周围有已建成的学校,商店,交通设施和礼拜场所的基础设施,它是一个房屋风格多样化的社区。”

       Another community in the southwest, The Hermitage, is located in the new suburb of Gledswood Hills in Camden. The community covers an area of ​​26 hectares and contains 1800 properties. The first 59 properties have been sold out. Developer Sekisui House is quickly preparing to launch the second batch of 5 properties at the end of May or early June.

       Paul Wainwright, Marketing Manager of Sekisui, said: "Home buyers come from all walks of life. They plan to expand or shrink their homes, or they are looking for properties of the right size. They may have lived in this area for a while, but want to Find a more suitable size property close to their family and friends."


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