Sydney Today, March 3, Australian Eastern Time, according to new data released by RP Data, shows that more and more Canberra property owners have property values ​​lower than the original purchase price.

2011年的最后两个月股权资本水平下跌导致有2%的房产的价值低于购买时的价格。从2011年9月以来,处于负资产水平的房产增加了0.8%。根据RP Data Equity Report的12月季报的记录,ACT房价为业主最初购买时2倍以上的比例在下降。

But Craig Bright, chairman of the Real Estate Institute ACT, believes that the magnitude of the decline is "very small", especially after considering the impact on the market during this period, such as the European debt crisis and the leadership of the federal government. He said, “When the market is not active, there will be a price adjustment. I expect that in the March quarterly report, we can see a slight rebound in the market.”

In the quarterly report at the end of December, the level of negative equity in South Canberra reached the highest level, with 12% of property values ​​lower than the original purchase price. The proportion of North Canberra is 4.6%, which is the region with the second highest level of negative equity.

On the contrary, the Gungahlin-Hall area has the lowest level of negative equity, with more than 40% of the local properties being worth twice the original purchase price. In Tuggeranong, nearly 50% of the houses are now worth twice as much as they were when the owners bought them. This area has the highest level of house price appreciation, but the average time of property ownership in this area is the longest, reaching 8.3 years. On average, 42% of properties in this area are now worth more than they were purchased.

A total of 6.4% of Australian properties are now worth less than the original purchase price. (Ivy)