SYDNEY TODAY, AUSTRALIA EST March 3th, two suburbs of the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) were listed by McGrath Estate Agents as the most popular real estate investment areas in New South Wales.

John McGrath, CEO of McGrath Real Estate, listed Dickson and Kambah in the Australian Capital Territory as the most popular places for future growth in suburbs outside of Sydney in his autumn market assessment. He thinks Dickson's location is very good and not expensive. He said: "From Dickson's new master plan approved by the ACT government, we can see some plans to encourage and improve large-scale investment in retail stores and commercial district infrastructure. For those land owners and investors For first-time buyers, this will be an excellent buying opportunity. They only need to invest $35 to $45 to enter this market."

Mr. McGrath believes that Kambah’s house is also very affordable, with complete infrastructure and convenient life. He said: "In the south of Canberra, there are more and more people who want to own their own homes, especially young people. Now the supply and demand of Kambah properties valued at between $35 and $100 million continue to increase." Other places listed as growth areas in the quarterly market report include Bowral and Katoomba. (Ivy)