Sydney Morning Herald: Australia's "one-bedroom" era is coming

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       Sydney Today, April 4, Australian Eastern Time, real estate market investment is different from stock market investment. If you want to choose the right investment, you should know whether property X is due to property Y and whether their prices are at this level of difference Match. Driven by the purchasing power of real estate and the changing lifestyles of the people, Australia's one-bedroom era is coming.

       If you use A$50 to buy a property worth A$42.5-$45, then your investment will fail, so investors must carefully compare the sales price and know the value of the property.youJoinOr pay attention to the data released by the media on the recently completed real estateOr youadvisoryBroker or other consulting agency, ask them to help you.

       Unless you have a clear understanding of the value of the property, you can only guess how the property will perform in the future, which is certainly not enough; so when you know the price of a particular property in a particular area, you can make a more correct decision. Well-informed investors will be more thoughtful and will buy specific properties before others flood in.

       One example is that some experienced people have purchased one-bedroom apartments, especially old-style one-bedroom apartments.a lot ofI don't like living in a one-bedroom apartment. Two-bedroom apartments in the urban area are still more popular.But as real estate prices in the urban area rise and singles and childlessWith the increase in the number of courts, this phenomenon will change.

       McCrae'sAgent David McRae said: "One-bedroom and two-bedroom properties have different prices, but the yield ratio is the same."Indicates: the price/value of small-sized real estate优势,。20世纪70年代墨尔本市区的一居室公寓价格在45-50万澳元,同期的二居室价格为55-80万澳元,尽管价格不同,但咨询公司发现两者收益都在7%。

       Australian Property Monitoring CenterScientist Andrew Wilson pointed out: One-bedroom units will perform well in the next few years, because there are no children.With the increase in homes, the pressure on renting houses will increase, and the demand for one-bedroom units in the real estate market will steadily increase.

       Data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics shows that the number of single-person households is expected to rapidly increase to 2031 million by 360, the number of couples without children will exceed the number of couples with children in 2014, and the proportion of couples without children will reach 2031%.alsoAbility is also drivenAn important reason why people seek small-sized apartments. (Wendy)

       English version:

       If you have any questions about this news and buying a house for self-occupation or investment in Australia, you can email your questions to:[email protected] ; Sydney Today, as an Australian Chinese media, is willing to find suitable experts to answer related questions for you.

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