Sydney Today, March 3, Australia Eastern Time Ten years ago, almost no one expected the average house price of Naremburn to reach the current level, especially after the Warringah Highway was built in 24. However, Sydney's estimates of the city's local construction and transportation conveniences believe that the real estate market in this area previously occupied by working-class people has reached an unprecedented scale.

When many parts of Sydney, especially the northern coastal areas, were hit by the global financial crisis, the average house price of Naremburn increased by 6.1% each year in the past five years, and the average annual price of Apartments increased by 4.8%.

Peter Chauncy, a real estate agent at McGrath Mid North Shore, said: "Naremburn was only really developed two or three years ago. But people who like small apartments, executives, young families and even elderly families flock to this place. , Making its housing prices rise steadily." Places that were once considered better, such as Cammeray, Cremorne, and the upstream North Shore, have greater market appeal. Chauncy. said: "Naremburn is now comparable to Cammeray." Recently, house prices have stabilized. Last year, the average house price dropped by 2.1%, and the annual average price for Apartments rose by 9.8%.

Regional advantages:

There are coffee shops and shops on Willoughby Road. There are sidewalks from Flat Rock Gully Reserve to Tunks Park. The local schools are good. You only need to pass a traffic light from a green residential area to the city.

Best location

Bongalong, Market and Dargan streets.

market expectation

Clinton McNabb, a research expert at Australian Property Monitors, said: "Naremburn's Apartments prices are more stable than House, because last year prices rose by nearly 10% despite the overall market slump."

Other areas to try

Cammeray: The average price of a house last year was $1,148,000, a decrease of 5.5%; the average price of an apartment was $567,500, a decrease of 6.6%.

Wollstonecraft: The average price of a house last year was $993,875, an increase of 5.5%; the average price of an apartment was $620,000, an increase of only 0.4%. (Ivy)