Sydney Today, March 3th, Australia Eastern Time. In 27, Darwin's House and Unit rents resumed the upward trend, although the capital rebound has just resumed and the output has remained stable.

For the whole of 2011, Darwin's house rent growth has not shown any improvement, although Darwin's average weekly rent asking price is $550, which is the most expensive in the house rental market in Australia. In contrast, Darwin's unit rents grew steadily throughout 2011, with a growth rate of 7%, and the average weekly rent was $460. This is on par with Australia's highest unit rent in Sydney.

In 2011, the overall rental income of Unit and House increased because the housing market has been relatively flat and the average house price growth has been flat. In 2011, the average house price dropped by 7%, and Uni dropped by 3.1%. At the end of last year, House's rental income increased by 4.54%, and Unit's income increased by 5.12%. (Ivy)