Sydney Morning Herald: Wahroonga's housing market is not as good as before

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!

       今Sydney News January 3, AEST 被很多权威界视为拥有大面积的豪宅的地方,作为悉尼最豪华地区之一的Wahroonga之前一直被包括在内。但是,令人失望的是,自从20世纪80年代以来,情况就有The.

      In modern families, parents have to go to work.Of使得买房的父母不得不重新考虑驱车20km从郊区到市区上下班了。而且全球金融危机对高端房产市场也不利,Shrinked by 20%.



      The locals are very他们那里的私立学校(包括Knox Grammar, Abbotsleigh, Ravenswood, Loreto Normanhurst 以及 Pymble Ladies’ College),The Bush School的附属小学,铁路线,塑胶的林荫以及主干道旁边的shop.

      The best locations: Water and Braeside streets and the high-end areas of Burns Road.

      前景分析:Australian Property Monitors 的研究分析专家Clinton McNabb说:“当地的跌至和悉尼同等价位的其他郊区的Same, although the apartment market可以扭转这种下跌的趋势。即使在去年年底一直保持稳定,并不意味着这是房市复苏的信号,因为这更主要是由于高端市场的逢低吸纳,股票价格一直居高不下。”

      Other places to try:

      St Ives—average在去年跌至$101万,下降了5.2%;公寓的平格是$58.8一套,下降了2%。

      Pymble—average last year下降到$126万,下降了4.3%,公寓的平格是$61万,下降了3.2%。(Ivy)



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