Posted on Tuesday, January 2014, 1 28:09
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[Guide] Two consecutive robberies occurred in the Marrickville area of ​​Sydney’s inner west on January 1th, Australian Eastern Time yesterday (last Sunday). A man who claimed to be armed with a gun threatened a male receptionist in a brothel. After getting a certain amount of cash, he fled the scene. Soon after, another 27-year-old man broke into a fast food restaurant and robbed him (also claimed to have a gun), but the man was captured after an employee called the police.

Last night, a brothel on Marrickville Road was robbed by a man. The robber claimed to the brothel barman that he had a gun and asked to take the cash. The man quickly left the brothel after receiving a certain amount of cash. .

Only shortly afterwards, at around 9:30 that night, another man who claimed to be carrying a gun broke into a fast food restaurant in Marrickville, but his request to take the cash was rejected by the staff and he was arguing. In the middle, the man grabbed a glass bottle and threw it at the employee. The police rushed to the scene after receiving the news, and the 20-year-old man was eventually arrested.

He was later taken to the Newtown Police Station for questioning and was charged with intent to robbery, use of offensive weapons, and ordinary intimidation. He has been refused bail and will appear in the Parramatta District Court today (Monday).

Currently, the police are looking for another man who robbed the brothel.

Source: Sydney Today