Two robberies broke out in Sydney’s inner west, brothel was “ransacked” by bandits – Australian News – Sydney

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2014-01-27 13:01:24 Source: Sydney Original URL  Nikiedit

        Sydney News Australia东部时间1月27日 于昨日(day)在悉尼内西Marrickville区连续了两起抢劫案件,一名声称持枪的男子对一家妓院的男接待员进行了威胁,在得到一定数额的后逃离现场。久之后,另一名20岁的男子闯进一家快餐店打劫(也声称有枪),但该名男子在店内员工报警后遭到擒获。

        yesterday,位于Marrickville路的一家妓院遭到一名男子的打劫,该名劫匪对妓院男招待员声称自己有枪,并拿走, The man is getting a certain amount后迅速离开了妓院。

        And only shortly after, at around 9:30 that night, the other带枪的男子闯入了Marrickville区的一家快餐店内行抢,但其要拿走Of遭到了工作人员的拒绝,在争执中,该名男子抓起一个玻璃瓶朝该名员工扔了过去。警方在接到消息后迅速赶到现场,该名20岁的作案男子最终被抓获。

        He was later taken to the Newtown Police Station for questioning, and was charged with intent to rob and use aggressiveness以及普通恐吓等罪名。他已被拒绝保释,将于今日(本周一)出席Parramatta地Trial in court.

        Currently, the police are looking for another man who robbed the brothel.


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