Sydney Lunar New Year's Eve Good Places (3)

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!

Marriott :Icons Brasseriebuffet


From January 1 to February 27, Marriott 的Icons Brasserie将为迎新春而推出此特惠;除了自助餐将以中国新年为主并加入许多农历新年的菜式之外,所有来宾更将于obtainHalf.



When: September 1 to September 27

Address: 30 Pitt Street, Sydney

Cost: $59 per person


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Sydney Lunar New Year's Eve Good Places (4)

2014-1-17 10: 56: 06

Gourmet health

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2014-4-15 20: 52: 14

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