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A women’s organization dedicated to promoting community services and safeguarding the status and dignity of women-The Lions Club of Sydney Waratah (Lions Club of Sydney Waratah) has been established in November last year, although it has only been ten months, it was recently awarded the former regional director Jim of Lions Clubs International Ede awarded the 2005-2006 Bessie Hammond Lioness Memorial Trophy.

Bessie Hammond did her best during World War II, preparing meals for the British Marines without sleep. During the service of Lionism, Bessie Hammond used her superb cooking skills to hold a number of fundraising activities and was enthusiastic about her service. However, she was indifferent to fame during her lifetime, so to commend Bessie Hammond for her outstanding performance and her service spirit, the Bessie Hammond Lioness Memorial Trophy was also established to commemorate her departure.

Since XNUMX, the Lions Club has selected an "indifferent achiever" each year to commend the female Lions club members for their unparalleled love and long-lasting faith in service. President Tan Qianwen, who won this trophy this year, is well aware of the importance of public welfare issues. In the spirit of Bessie Hammond, he stated that all Lioness club members will also pay attention to what is happening around them, assist communities in need, and give full play to the spirit of Lions.

She emphasized that Lions clubs pay attention to enhancing the friendship and mutual understanding between members, and strive to build a harmonious, friendly and energetic charity organization, and work together to create a better city. Jim Ede, former regional director of Lions Clubs International, expressed his belief that the future development of Lions Clubs will be better and benefit more communities.

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