2014-01-24 16:25:22 Source: Sydney Original Website Alisonedit

Sydney News on January 1th, Australian Eastern Time, the owner of an apartment building next to Sydney’s Chinatown said that there are more and more prostitutes, drug dealing activities and illegal immigrants in the building. This is because they are unwilling to adopt new strict security measures Reason, this also caused some residents to be unable to enter the gate.

Residents in the Regis Towers apartment complex near Chinatown complained that their electronic access card was cancelled, causing them to be locked out of their door and unable to enter. They had to pay 150 yuan to get a new card.

Tom MacDonald of the Redfern Law Center said that since the Regis Towers apartment complex introduced strict regulations to address excessive congestion in December last year, he has received complaints about the cancellation of household electronic access cards almost every day.

MacDonald said that a resident complained that his access card had been cancelled simply because he was acting "suspiciously." In fact, he just got into the elevator and went back to the apartment because he left something. Residents also claimed that the access card was cancelled after the guests at home were asked to pick up the milk because the ID and the access card did not match.

An unnamed secretary of the Regis apartment complex wrote to the media that some illegal activities have flooded into the inner city apartment complex, such as prostitution (female prostitution, and young men suspected to be ducks). Inside the building, drug trafficking activities are also rampant. Large amounts of cash obtained by criminals are also stored in the apartment building. In addition, many illegal young immigrants live in the building. Although the Australian Federal Police Office is near the building, no action has been taken. The access card can prevent these activities to a certain extent, and it can also effectively prevent the occurrence of criminal activities. .