The NSW Government announced today that a new suburb of Sydney will rise on the edge of the proposed North West Rail Link.

Planning Minister Brad Hazzard held a press conference today to announce that the government has agreed to rezoning a piece of land near Rouse Hill in Sydney's northwest to build 2500 housing units.

Some sections of the proposed Northwest train line will pass through the new urban area, creating opportunities for NSW people who want to buy "dream homes" while ensuring infrastructure construction. Hazzard pointed out: "Sydneys are now full of desire, they desperately want a house, and this new city will provide 2500 houses."

The new urban area covers an area of ​​245 hectares and can accommodate 6400 people. The first batch of new houses will be completed in two years. The urban area has not been named, but it has been determined that low, medium and high density residential buildings will be built, 6 hectares will be designated as light industrial land, and 19 hectares will be used for recreational facilities and railway stations.

Although the construction of the residential development project will start earlier than the train road, Hazzard emphasized that potential buyers must believe that the government will XNUMX% build the train road.

The smallest residential building occupies only 250 square meters. Hazzard admits that this is relatively small compared to most houses in Sydney, but it can be beautifully designed even if it is only 250 square meters.