Sydney Today, April 4th, Australian Eastern Time Want to rent a house in Sydney? So, living for a few months is likely to spend as much money as a whole set of housing loans.

Although the city’s long-term supply shortage of rental housing is pushing up rents step by step, the rents of high-end properties are really unbearable. The rent of houses in some parts of Sydney has risen to A$12500 per week, which means A$65 a year. If you want to rent a special place for Christmas, then the holiday rent is AU$4 per week, and you must rent it for at least 3 weeks.

(Rent: 12500 AUD/week)

McGrath Mosman (McGrath Mosman) real estate agent Bradley Fraser pointed out that despite the ridiculously high rents, demand has not diminished at all. Fraser said: "The increase in rents is driven to a certain extent by the decline in housing prices. The mineral boom has also prompted some company managers to find suitable rental properties. Under the current situation, many people are unwilling to sell their houses, and instead they rent it out. I moved to the real estate I used to invest in, or simply went abroad."

It is not difficult to understand why Sydney's rental properties are clustered in the city's most expensive neighborhoods including Bellevue Hill, Rose Bay and Point Piper. At present, the rent of many properties is AU$5000 per week, which seems to be a magical price for properties valued between AU$500 million and AU$1500 million. Fraser pointed out that many people are eager to rent before the Living Away From Home Allowance (Living Away From Home Allowance) is cut on July 7. LAFHA can provide allowances for those overseas workers and indirectly help landlords raise rents.

The highest rent this week is a 5-bedroom loft in Pyrmont, which includes a martini bar and a grill rack. There is an 18-meter yacht outdoors, and of course, there is also a dedicated staff. The rent of the house is 12500 Australian dollars per week, and its advertising slogan is suitable for "global celebrities, dignitaries and performers, CEOs and those who pursue the quality of life".

(Rent: 8000 AUD/week)
It was followed by a property on Wentworth Street in Point Piper. There are 3 floors, five bedrooms, five bathrooms, a panoramic view of the harbour, and a full-size tennis court. The rent is AU$8000 per week.

(Rent: 40000/week)

Next is Barford in Bellevue Hill, which can provide short-term rental of 40000 Australian dollars per week for Christmas. This price includes the cost of the family maid. This house has 12 bedrooms, almost the largest in the area-covering an area of ​​4039 square meters, with well-manicured lawns and well-built gardens.

The price did not scare Hollywood superstar Will Smith, who once lived here with his family. Ian Joyes, the owner and developer of the property, and his wife will take their annual vacation abroad during this period. (Wendy)

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