Sydney Today, March 3, Australia Eastern Time. In the coming year, there will be many new buildings in Sydney. Let's take a look at what buildings will appear in various regions. Are there any buildings that you like?

Many companies have launched construction projects this year, and many new buildings will be built. Although ABS data shows that the number of housing constructions in Sydney last year increased slightly, and the approval rate for apartment construction increased by 7.4%, the housing market in Sydney still has a relatively low price. There is a big gap. More than 8 people move to Sydney every year, but there were only 2011 new buildings in 23051. "This is a huge gap. Because of the current economic situation and the uncertainty of the plan, developers are extremely cautious in the construction of new houses, especially in the urban area of ​​Sydney. This phenomenon is particularly serious." Australian cities Chris Johnson, head of the working group, said.

Then let us take a look at the construction situation of the real estate market in the new year by region:

In the urban area, in the center of Haymarket, two 16-17-storey towers are preparing to start construction. They are called "The Quay". This $1.04 million project will provide people with one-bedroom and two-bedrooms. As well as three bedrooms, all houses have balconies and shutters, and some even have study rooms. The long-term vacant real estate at 141 Elizabeth Street has finally started. This luxurious building named Eliza overlooks Hyde Park. Each floor inside has a different shape, and each apartment will be customized. Edward Doueihi, head of Ceerose, claimed that Eliza will be different from any building in Sydney and will be a world-class apartment.

In the eastern region, after a long delay, the Old Swiss Grand on the coast of Bondi is finally about to start construction. After completion, this apartment will provide 1 apartments, an apartment hotel (95 apartments) and a second Grade retail center and a dining area. Developer Allen Linz said: "This will be the last and largest construction of the Bondi waterfront area. Because it is a residential, commercial center, and catering building that is unmatched by previous buildings." Not far away The Hall Street in Boheme is now also under construction. The building was designed by designer Bates Smart and includes 69 apartments and 44 serviced apartments (apartment suites with bedding provided and cleaned by helpers). Further south, there are 133 apartments on the left of Solis, including one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments as well as one-bedroom apartments including a study room. The reservation price starts at 20 Australian dollars. The Manor in Potts Point, a little further away, offers one- and two-bedrooms, with prices starting at $48.

In the western part of the city center, the newly built Nuovo, located in Five Dock, has a one-bedroom and two-bedroom units, with a total of 20 units. CBRE’s salesperson Lawton Cooper said: “Our pricing situation may be a bit special. We will invite the public to provide prices based on the location of the house and other conditions. The preliminary estimate is that the price of a one-bedroom is around AUD 40, and the price of a two-bedroom is around AUD 55. Erko in Erskineville will also have 300 apartments for sale, including one-bedroom, two-bedroom and three-bedroom apartments; two-bedroom and three-bedroom apartments will be equipped with balconies, but the price has not yet been determined.

In the North Coast area, Auralia in Greenwich will start construction next month and will contain 131 apartments, including one bedroom and one bedroom with a study room. All apartments have parking lots. Hunters Hill Apartments. Located in Hunters Hill is in the planning process, including one-bedroom, two-bedroom and three-bedroom, and they will design according to the owner's own ideas. At the same time, the second phase of the five towers of Toga, which is close to Macquarie University, the subway station and the shopping center, containing 630 houses will begin to accept orders next month, and the first phase will be a few weeks after the opening last year. It has been sold out.