Sydney Chinese New Year float parade is coming to the special horse props to ignite the atmosphere

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!
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Posted on Wednesday, January 2014, 1 29:09

(Sydneyflower巡游将至 特色马儿道具点燃气氛)

        悉尼Marrickwille一所工作室为今年的中国费煞心思,巨型的、旋转木马及棋盘格裙子均将成为花Part of the parade.

        《每日电讯报》报道,本年的中国flower巡游活动将于2月2日George街盛大举行。从去年12月份起,伍德考福特(Jo Woodcroft)及其来自Creative Works Australia团队便处于紧张的筹备工作中,一同制造花、道具和服装。

        There will be many rocking horses这个由悉尼市举办的花巡游活动上,为民众带来回忆。一组耀眼的旋转木马也会亮相于人前,燃点嘉年华气氛。巡游队伍中还会出现许多自行Hand and dancing chess.

        43岁的伍德考福特最近完成了狮子王(Lion King)的筹备工作。她表示把设计带进现实是一件具有挑战性的事情。“有些表演者会穿着金色马儿服装踩轮滑,我们要考虑到安全性等实际问题。此外,我们还要To complete the work as quickly as possible within the budget, the challenge is huge. "

        据了解,中国、韩国及越南社区也会派出花Participate in the parade, as well as Hip-hop performances, martial arts performances and singing performances.

        According to reports, Chinaflower巡游表演将2月2日晚上8点开始,巡游路线Sydney厅( Town Hall)至唐人街。巡游过后,情人港Cockle湾还会举行焰火表演。


(Reproduced from Sydney Today)

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