Sydney houses were beaten up by three men with baseball bats by gangs again – Australian News – Sydney

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2014-01-28 10:06:18 Source: Sydney Original URL  Celia

        Sydney News on January 1, Australian Eastern Time, the police said a group of在悉尼西强闯民居案是一次有针对性的攻击。

        据了解,昨日下午2点左右,该团伙手持棒球棍强行进入位于Gwand Rd的民居中,并In the room.

        The police said that the house and the three people in the house are familiar to the police.

        One被送往医院治疗并非危机生命的伤害,另一名则需要医护人员治疗头部伤口,另一名只穿着内衣的Cuts and bruises on the legs.

        警方称,3名受害者都是20多岁,互相没有关系,而房内也没.It is not yet known if anyone else was at home at the time of the incident.


        Anyone familiar with the situation should call the fight crime hotline.


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