The Sydney train hit the girl into the toilet and raped the "uncle" who was released on bail! – Australia News – Sydney

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!

2014-01-27 10:30:38 Source: Sydney Original URL  Marieedit

           Sydney News Australia EastMay 1 被控在Strathfieldrape十几岁女孩的男子被获准了保释,原因是警方关于该案有了新的。而该男子则称,真相必须浮出水面。

        Ben Kooy, 34, told the Daily Telegraph after leaving Silverwater Prison,三下午他与这名17岁女孩在The truth in the toilet will be made public in court.



         下午不到3:30的时候,他就离开了监狱。Kooy称,过去被关押的四天太“可怕”了。他还表示, 真相应当浮出水面。据悉,这周三,他将出现在Burwood当地法庭上。目前,他对于一项性交的指控仍然不认罪。


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