880 fined for “blacklisting” of well-known restaurant in Sydney, boss yells injustice – Australian news

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2014-01-28 09:46:33 Source: Sydney Original URL  Marie

          Sydney News Australia EastRecently, on January 1th, a well-known restaurant in Sydney tragically went to the NSW Food Authority’s "", and was fined 880 Australian dollars.

         And for Pilu at Freshwater this restaurant is 880 Australian dollars.让你觉得这家餐厅可能和曼谷的一个小贩摊差不多,断然It's a restaurant in Sydney.

          “把场所外部的碗盘和设备清洗干净”——这是对这家餐厅发出的警告。Pilu的老板Giovanni Pilu称,收到警告是基于餐厅下面的一个亭子,但是他认定这个罚款是极端不公平的。“这个亭子是这么小,我们在厨房区域仅个小架子来堆放要洗涤的,所以我们必须把一些杯子放在外面的推车上面,Manly有许多地方Did this. "he.


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