Buying tickets at Sydney Station is also "crazy", waiting in line for 20 minutes

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Posted on Wednesday, January 2014, 1 29:13

        The queue is very long, inMany of站,一些购买周票的乘客甚至需要等上20分钟才能买票。据悉,新目前正在推广Opal卡(与的Myki Card,布本的Go Card和珀斯的Smart Rider类似),Opal卡的推广将avoidPlace and automatic机外排长队的occur.

        有了Opal卡之后,你不需要去购买票,你只需要往卡里面充钱就用了,这种卡支持所有的公共工具。乘客们在网上充钱,这就避免了排队购票的拥挤。遗憾的是,虽然目前多个火station使用 Opal卡,但是还未推广到所有的火station.

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