Sydney light rail round-trip fare dropped to $3.10

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Posted on Wednesday, January 2014, 1 29:09

(Sydney light rail round-trip fare dropped to $3.10)

        今年三月,悉尼轻轨将从Lilyfield延伸至Dulwich Hill,届时There is a half-price discount policy, but this isOh!

        但是学生上下学坐轻轨的话,在目前这个阶段不能.root轻轨线延伸后的票价结构,从终点站Dulwich Hill坐往市区的人支付的费用并不会比目前从Lilyfield坐到市区的费用要多。

        At present, the highest one-way fare for the light rail line is $4.60, and the round-trip fare is $6.20. In 2012, the O'Farrell government bought轻轨线,一直是私有,而且从未提供过半价车费的优惠政策。但是轻轨线延伸后就有了,优惠政策在3月的某个时候实行,届时,往返票价将从现行的优惠价$4.6降到$3.10(原价$6.20的一半)。


(Reproduced from Sydney Today)

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