Fitch: Australia's housing prices are high, but not to collapse | Australia

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Fitch: Australia's housing prices are high, but not to collapse

On 23 January 2014, 17:28 AEST
Compiler: Fan Huiqiang, Editor: Penning

A famous international公司说,澳大的房价高,但是并不一定就是估价过高,并预测房价的涨幅会低于去年的水平。

1 Fitch: Australian house prices are high but not likely to collapse (Credit: ABC) 

Fitch公司的全球按揭及房屋展望对17个国家的房进行了调查。报告认为,从代表购房承受能力的三个指数看,澳大Ranked among the four worst countries.

Fitch公司的分析师本·纽伊(Ben Newey)说,虽然报告显示澳大各城市的房价,就房价和比率来看高于其它国家,但是这并不意味着澳大The house price is overestimated.

Neway told ABC that he did not believe that the affordability of housing in the last ten yearsThe house price is overestimated.However, he believes that the University of Australia的房价也不以去年同样的速度增长。


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