time:2010-03-07source:The Australian Times Author:Yao Ming


Thank God for giving us such a special and beautiful mother. Although my mother had a difficult life when she was young, she always loved us wholeheartedly. No matter how hard it is, my mother always tries her best to give us the best life.

2005Years12My mother has been fighting with lung cancer for the past month, and what is worse is that all the treatment methods have no effect on her. We can't bear it. Fortunately, God's love and grace supported us through this difficult time.

Needless to say we feel down and gloomy, but God uses His words especially in Psalm23To comfort us and give us peace and joy in our hearts. I still remember when my mother died,MurdochIn the hospital ward, I was alone with my mother, waiting for my family to say goodbye to my mother. At that time, I held her hand and read the Psalms for her many times.23At that moment, my mother’s breathing was extremely heavy and abnormal, unable to respond...I was alone in the saddest moment.

Although my mother can hear it, she is completely unable to respond. She is so strongAlthough her illness was extremely weak, she insisted on waiting for her family and the pastor to come and say goodbye. We told her what we most wanted to say deep down, we sang hymns to her, we knelt down and prayed. At the last moment, my mother opened her eyes miraculously and left peacefully after seeing each of us one by one. Mother has been reluctant to let us go, and will not leave until her favoriteMy brother told her not to worry, but to follow Heavenly Father, she will no longer suffer in heaven.4Month16Mother safely returned to the embrace of the Lord in the early hours of Monday morning.

My mother's wish is to see me married before returning to heaven. God must have heard our prayer and given us fulfillment. Just when mom left this world3A week ago, she attended my entire wedding with a radiant face. On the wedding day, my mother was so beautiful. She walked into the church by herself without a wheelchair and crutches, and stayed until the wedding banquet was very late (in fact, my mother ate a lot that night) . I'm sure no one of the guests attending the wedding that day would believe that my mother was already very sick. The wedding shows the power, blessing and grace of God. It was God who gave me a very special and unforgettable wedding.

Thank the Lord Jesus Christ. God makes things we think impossible to achieve one by oneFor any inquiries, We're here to answer you.After my mother was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer, thank God we can still celebrate her together61Birthday, mother's day, christmas,2006Year and2007Chinese New Year and my wedding.

Mother is very happy to finally see who her son-in-law is. She has always expected her son-in-law to be a tall and burly person. Thank God, He listened to her mother's heart and gave her a huge son-in-law. Of course, more importantly, this son-in-law was very considerate and caring.

Mom, you will always live in our hearts, and we will always remember your loving face, beautiful eyes, warm smile, strong power and all your beautiful, kind and loving hearts. Although we are sad and sad because we miss you, we still thank God. Because of the salvation and hope of Jesus Christ, we will meet again in heaven. With the power of God, we will be strong for you until the day we meet again. Amen!

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