Source: Chengdu Daily|
Editor: Beibei

Recently, a funny picture of a young man riding a horse on the road has quietly become popular on Weibo and WeChat. His “humorous deeds” of riding across a traffic jam on a national highway, breaking into a gas station to buy water, and chasing a private car left a deep impression on the majority of netizens. And jokingly called this man "Brother immediately." In just a few days, "Brother immediately" quickly became popular on the Internet. In order to further understand the causes and consequences of the "going home now" incident, the reporter contacted "Brother Now" yesterday.

The reporter learned that the real name of "Brother Horse" is Yao Shaoshuang, and he is the champion of the Sichuan Province Club Equestrian Barrel Race at the 2013 China Equestrian Festival. Speaking of the original intention of "going home now", "Brother immediately" said that he went back to his mother-in-law's house for the first time since he got married, but was distressed because he could not buy a ticket. Some time ago, "Immediate Body" became popular on the Internet, so he thought of the way of "Go home immediately", and by the way made a surprise for his wife and mother-in-law. What he didn't expect was that his whim "Go home now" had attracted so many people's attention.