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On January 1, Porsche was led away by the owner.

On January 1, the suspect identified the scene of being buried alive. (Photo courtesy of the police station)

"Find a few people" posts are very common in this post.

The owner escaped a catastrophe by pretending to be in a coma, and 3 people involved have been detained

Online luxury car

Because of the problem of capital turnover, Mr. Xu planned to sell the car worth 300 million yuan for cash, and published the sale information on the Internet.


The three people involved in the case were all born in the 3s. The mastermind Chen was once an online store dealer. After seeing the car sales information released by Mr. Xu, he got confused.

Find friends online

The three people involved in the case met through Baidu Tieba. The reporter found that individual Tieba had quietly become a virtual contact point for real crimes. West China Metropolis Daily: Mr. Xu in his 3s not only has a career in other provinces, he also has a Porsche car worth more than 20 million yuan. He intends to sell the car due to capital turnover problems. It happened that this car was spotted, and during the process of selling the car, he was stunned by the three people who bought the car with electric poles, and then he was dragged to a remote place to be buried alive. Because of pretending to be dead, Mr. Xu finally escaped.

West China Metropolis Daily reported that Mr. Xu, who is about 1 meters tall, is in his 8s this year. He is a true rich and handsome. He not only has a career in other provinces, but also owns a Porsche car worth more than 20 million yuan. Recently, due to the problem of capital turnover, Mr. Xu planned to sell the car for cash, and posted the sale information on the Internet. Who knew that the final car was not only robbed by the "buyer", he was also shocked and buried alive, struggling for about 300 minutes before he escaped. Day of birth.

Yesterday, the reporter learned from Chengdu High-tech Police that the police found the breach of the case through the Porsche car that Mr. Xu was robbed, and blocked all the three suspects involved. At present, three people have been criminally detained on suspicion of robbery and intentional murder.

According to the information held by the police, the three people involved in the case were met through Baidu Tieba, and one of them was from another province, living in Xianyang, Shaanxi. After investigating, the reporter found that individual post bars had quietly become virtual contact points for real crimes. Some criminals began to look for "accomplices" in post bars. It is understood that all three of them were born in the 3s. The mastermind Chen was an online store dealer. He made 3 yuan a month when he was the best. In the end, he owed all his savings because of gambling. After seeing the car sales information released by Mr. Xu, Chen got confused.

After posting on the Internet and finding two strangers Wu and Zhang as helpers, Chen and others planned and carried out this robbery. Because Mr. Xu saw Chen's appearance, he was moved to kill others. .

At present, Chen and other three people have been under criminal detention on suspicion of intentional murder and robbery. The police are investigating the case further.

Car horror

Buyers are wearing "strictly" and wearing masks and makeup

Selling cars, rich and handsome, selling luxury cars and encountering mysterious buyers

Yesterday morning, Mr. Xu came to the Zhonghe police station in the high-tech zone to retrieve the vehicle recovered by the police. Recalling the process of the incident, he was still a little frightened. Mr. Xu said that on December 12 last year, he posted information about the sale of vehicles on the Internet, "Someone contacted me on the 23th and asked me to come out for an interview on the 27th."

On the morning of December 12th, Mr. Xu brought his documents and all the formalities to a square in Wuhou District as agreed. Three people from the "buyer" also arrived. One of the young men claimed to be a rich second-generation, and the other a man. The woman claimed to be his employee.

What made Mr. Xu puzzled was that, despite the winter, the three people dressed up too "strictly" from start to finish, and their faces were covered by masks and cosmetics, which seemed a bit mysterious. Although he has doubts, in order to make a sale, Mr. Xu still patiently accompanies the other party to test and repair.

The two parties finally settled the transaction for 230 million yuan. Later, the buyer claimed to be living in a hotel near the Global Center and asked Mr. Xu to drive to get the money. When he arrived at the underground parking lot of the Global Center, an unexpected thing happened: the three buyers who were talking and laughing suddenly changed their faces and took out. The sharp knife rested on Mr. Xu's neck.

Hijacking and being electrocuted and buried alive pretending to be unconscious and escaped

After forcing Mr. Xu to tell the password of his bank card, the three people stunned him with electric shock batons and threw him into the trunk of the car. Then the three people drove to the side of Chengren Road in Zhonghe District, High-tech Zone. A remote place.

It was already around 5 in the afternoon, and the three people dragged Mr. Xu out of the trunk and wrapped him in a car dust cloth, and then threw him into a foundation pit for dumping muck. Seeing that Mr. Xu did not move, a few people found a shovel and filled the surrounding muck into the pit until he was completely buried, and the three drove away from the scene.

In fact, Mr. Xu had already woken up. In order to survive, he pretended to be in a coma until he felt that the other party had gone away. Then, Mr. Xu struggled in the muck, because his face was isolated by the car's dust cloth, leaving air, and the soil was only about half a meter deep. After about 40 minutes of hard work, he finally climbed out of the muck. heap.

His mobile phone, wallet and other items were raided, and Mr. Xu could only walk for nearly two hours to find the police station and call the police.

The police found the robbers after driving the robbed car

After receiving the report, the high-tech police immediately set up a task force to investigate, but the suspects and a group of suspects were extremely anti-investigation aware and did not leave too many clues. The investigation of the case was once deadlocked. It wasn't until January this year that a man surnamed Wen came to Chengdu Vehicle Administration to give a Porsche car to his house, the police found that the car was the one Mr. Xu was robbed.

The police immediately took control of Wen and launched an investigation. Wen Mou claims to be a second-hand car dealer. This car was sold to him by a man for 50 yuan, and he has paid a deposit of more than 10 yuan.

According to Wen's description, the car-selling man and the buyer that Mr. Xu saw were extremely similar. Through Wen, the police successfully targeted the suspect Chen and his associates Wu and Zhang. Subsequently, Chen and Wu were controlled one after another. On January 1 this year, the last suspect Zhang was blocked by the police in Xianyang, Shaanxi.

Reporter investigation

Internet Posting Bar asks "comrades" as long as they have money to steal

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter logged into Chen's post on Baidu's post bar, which was looking for his accomplices, and found that this post bar was full of eight pages full of "tracing posts." Under these so-called "do something, find a friend" and other posts, at least two or three people as many as ten people left QQ numbers and phone numbers. The sentence "Say not much" seems to have become a joint code.

Posting words are very cryptic

The reporter contacted one of the posters, and he revealed that asking for money is the point of contact for "stealing and finding some money". There is a mixed bag of people. "If you want to work, add me if you need it", such posts don't have much language, and always add a sentence after the address is reported. "Don't say much, leave contact details for a specific chat." The reporter read more than ten such missing persons Post, it was found that most netizens disappeared after leaving contact information.

One of the posters with the QQ account named "Running on the Road" revealed, "Such posting bars are all looking for troubles together. You can steal them. People who are interested can understand it at first glance," he said. After posting the post, the poster Will privately contact the person who left the qq number and phone number to find some special projects to make money.

"10 of 9 people are bragging"

At 5 pm yesterday, the reporter contacted two posters. A poster named "Wandering Mood" said that this post is a mixed bag, "Nine are bragging, and the remaining one is a liar." And he bluntly said that he was caught. Fooled, but avoid talking about specific experiences.

Liu, whose online name is "Running on the Road", claims to be from Neijiang, Sichuan. He owes tens of thousands of yuan because of the failure to set up a factory in Guangzhou. He is currently "wandering" in Hebei and has been thinking about finding something "for money" through this post. Liu said that stealing and cheating are okay. He snatched thousands of dollars last time, but he was not very satisfied: "I owed tens of thousands of dollars, and I robbed one thousand or eight hundred, which is just a drop in the bucket."

Speaking of finding accomplices through this post bar, Liu said that most people in the post bar are unreliable, and there are even many liars and "cannon fodder". Last summer, a Nanjing netizen contacted Liu with the intention of committing a robbery in a residential area in Nanjing. He took a few thousand yuan to Nanjing as a sign of sincerity. However, after the netizen cheated him more than one thousand yuan, he had no plans at all. . After that, Liu stayed in an Internet cafe in Nanjing for more than ten days, but he still failed to "make a vote."

Lawyer's Statement

Calling associates with vague language is "criminal premeditated"

In response to online postings seeking accomplices, Chen Jun, a lawyer at Sichuan Huamin Law Firm, bluntly stated that acts similar to the use of obscure language to post and convene accomplices to commit criminal activities are criminal premeditated crimes and are already illegal. Difficulty, "If you use everyday language to express the'criminal' intent, it is really difficult to use his remarks as evidence."

Chen Jun believes that under the current circumstances, the relevant departments can only determine whether a person is illegal or committing a crime based on the consequences of their speech. No problem; if it causes panic, you should bear the corresponding legal responsibility."

Dialogue parties

"Don't trust the Internet" when looking for money in a different place

The reporter contacted the two posters via QQ, and they didn't care whether "finding brothers to make money" was illegal.

Reporter: How many of you can vote for?

Mr. Liu: Look at the news (cases). Two or three are fine.

Reporter: Why did you go to Nanjing to carry out robbery?

Mr. Liu: Innocent, after that netizen contacted me, I ran to show my sincerity, how can I know...

Reporter: Are you short of money for this?

"Wandering mood": I am almost on the street now, and I must make some money.

Reporter: What do they mean by "being cannon fodder"?

"Wandering mood": You take the risk, and the benefit of others takes the upper hand.

Reporter: Are there many scammers like this?

"Wandering mood": Yes, don't trust the Internet! I was deceived, can I not know?

Baidu responds

Tieba will check illegal content but it is difficult to delete completely

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter called Baidu, the operator of Baidu Tieba, about related issues. Ms. Zhang, a staff member of the public relations department, said that the issues reported by the reporter will be forwarded to relevant departments for investigation and understanding, and will try to respond as soon as possible.

At the same time, Ms. Zhang said that Tieba has a system for censoring sensitive words and illegal content, and has been working hard to implement it. However, due to limited resources, it is very difficult to completely filter and quickly delete suspected illegal and illegal speech.

Police reminder

Be careful not to trust strangers in online transactions

The high-tech police reminded the majority of netizens that the borders of the Internet now bring many conveniences to people's lives, but don't let your guard down while enjoying the convenience. When you sell items online and trade offline, you must try to choose a place with a relatively large number of people, and at the same time do not go alone, and do not trust strangers. If danger occurs, you must call the police for help as soon as possible.

Post excerpt

Topic: Finding brothers to make big money Content: Instead of living a lifetime, it is better to live vigorously once. Find two brothers to make money like Zhang Ziqiang together, have money to earn, have life, be bold and careful, and be able to control your own mouth Hand, leave the penguin (QQ number), change fate.

Topic: If you have a goal, please join. Content: If you are very frustrated and unwilling to earn money, you can leave your contact information. I have specific goals and specific plans. Nothing is perfect. Avoidance The risks that should be taken have to be taken. I am waiting for you friends with courage and courage.