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We are a family who love each other

[Australian Times] On the evening of December 2013, 12, a dinner for Xinjiang people in Western Australia to welcome Christmas and New Year was held at Shenjiafang, North Bridge. Nearly 16 people from Xinjiang living in Perth brought their family and friends to the party. Consul Du Ling of the Chinese Consulate General in Western Australia and Consul Li Hui came to congratulate the consulate on behalf of the consulate. Mr. Pan Bangzhang, President of the China Association for the Promotion of Peaceful Reunification of Western Australia, and Mr. Wang Qunhua, President of the Western Australia Fujian Chamber of Commerce also attended the ceremony. The dinner was hosted by the famous Perth singer Ms. Zhang Xiaojia.

Consul Du Ling first gave a speech. She said: Tonight, I was entrusted by Consul General Huang Qinguo to come here to attend this dinner. I took this opportunity to express two meanings: First, the Consulate General expressed support for the upcoming Xinjiang Association. She said: Everyone sitting here is working hard in Western Australia and has achieved your own achievements. You have made positive contributions to promoting the economic exchanges between China and Australia and the exchanges between the two peoples. The Chinese have a saying "Unity is strength" I believe that the establishment of the Xinjiang Friendship Association will inevitably help everyone develop their own careers, and at the same time, provide more help and help to the new Xinjiang overseas Chinese who come to Western Australia in the future. They are here to stand firm and develop together. The second is that the Consulate General will provide assistance within its capacity for the establishment of the Xinjiang Friendship Association and the future development of the Association. I also hope that everyone here and the Chinese and overseas Chinese in Western Australia will continue to support the work of the Consulate General. Finally, I wish the Xinjiang Friendship Association will Western Australia continues to thrive and develop under the nourishment of abundant sunshine.

Mr. Pan Bangxuan, President of the Association for the Promotion of China’s Peaceful Reunification of Western Australia, said: I’m very glad that Ms. Xu Yi gave me this opportunity to meet everyone here. Before Ms. Xu Yi proposed the idea of ​​establishing the Western Australia Xinjiang Association, I was the first one. Expressing approval and support. I am really excited to see so many friends from Xinjiang who I know and don’t know here today in Shenjiafang. Shenjiafang and Kelan are next-door neighbors in business. The Peace Reunification Council and the Xinjiang Friendship Association will also be in the future. As a family, I hope everyone will encourage, support and develop together in life and career in the future.

Finally, Ms. Xu Yi, the president of "Southern Hemisphere" magazine, owner of Shenjiafang, and initiator of the Western Australia Xinjiang Association, said: I am very happy that we Xinjiang people can hold such a large-scale gathering in Shenjiafang for the first time. All meals and drinks tonight are sponsored by Shenjiafang. She said that a long time ago, someone suggested that many overseas Chinese in Western Australia from different provinces of China have their own hometown associations. Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide also have Xinjiang hometown associations. Why don't we in Western Australia? Because there were not many Xinjiang people I knew at the beginning, and it was impossible to know how many Xinjiang people were in Perth. Since I opened Shenjiafang in the past two years or so, I have met many fellow villagers from Xinjiang one after another. Everyone has aspirations to set up fellow Xinjiang people's associations like Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide. Not long ago, Ms. Zhang Xiaojia first established a Xinjiang group on WeChat. Up to now, there are 34 friends from Xinjiang. Today, we can invite everyone here. We have prepared the familiar and relatively authentic Xinjiang Pila Red and Baked Whole lamb, hand pilaf, mixed with three shreds, pepper chicken, large plate chicken. When we Xinjiang people came to Australia from China, we all left our relatives, friends and brothers and sisters to fight alone here. The establishment of the Western Australia Xinjiang Association has made us new friends, relatives and brothers and sisters. This is the first gathering from today. At the beginning, we will keep in touch in the future. As long as you know that new immigrants from Xinjiang come to Perth, they will be introduced to this big family. If you have any questions, we will discuss with each other and if we have difficulties, we will help each other. In the future, Shenjiafang will be our Xinjiang. People's own home.

The atmosphere of the dinner was peaceful and warm, and Ms. Zhang Xiaojia’s singing and cheering drove the interest of all those who attended the dinner to a climax.

The Australian Times Special Correspondent Wu Yan reports

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