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Updated on 24 January 2014, 15:42 AEST

每年1月26日,澳大利亚人都要庆祝这个国家的国庆节。澳大利亚是一个多元文化的国度。这里的人民讲着200多种不同, Including 45 indigenous。虽然澳大利亚自世界各地,但们都把澳大利亚成为家园。


 Benny Subramanian (By Lisa Cle)


Diana (By Paula McManus)


My dream is to keep dancing and jumping. You can dream too! (By Natalija Brunovs)


Shantael (By BRIT 1st year photography class)


Harvinder Singh (By Lisa Cle)


Daniel(By Georgie Basey)


Bec (By ABC Open North Queensland)


Fatuma (By petakhan)


June surveys the wes (By ABC Open South Coast WA)

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