Five major initiatives of the Real Estate Committee will help Gold Coast take off again

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!

       Sydney Today, April 4, Australia Eastern Time 澳洲房产委员会(Property Council of Australia)表示,将实施5大举措建设一个更强大更令人感到愉悦的Gold Coast。


       Gold Coast的主席Did McMahon指出。该的闪光点正处于十字路口,现在需要采取措施恢复Gold Coast的活力和复兴当地的经济。他说:“在过去,Gold Coast因有着出色的主意、勇于接受以及大胆创新而闻名。这些是让这里偿命的法宝。我们需要重振这些精神,重新建设当地的经济。”

       房产委员会的复兴Gold Coast的五大举措(Five ideas to fuel the Gold Coast’s revival)表明了当地以及州政府促进商业以及方面的优先考虑。五大措施为:

       1. Create employment

       Measures include the relocation of a state government department and increased incentives for state and local projects that use local workers.

       2. Strengthen the unity of the parliament and ensure a common vision

       Measures include a shared vision for Gold Coast and the elimination of differences in local councils.

       3. Quickly follow up Broadwater's master plan



       Measures include making use of and exploiting the potential of light rail projects and revising various levels of property rights regulations.

       5. Lead the coast to the world

       措施包括再次发挥Gold Coast的支付能力优势,开发采矿的坐飞机出行的(fly-in, fly-out)劳动力。

       Queensland Airports Limited 的总经理Dennis Chant看到了通过将Gold Coast和世界相连发展当地经济的巨大机遇。Chant说:“Gold Coast的机场与当地的生活方式相结合,昆士兰有很多的人坐飞机出行,这让我们感到很兴奋。那里的开发很繁荣,将需要更多的有技能的劳动力。这为我们带来了市场。”(Ivy)


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