The real estate construction industry index rose by 0.6, but recovery will take time

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       今Sydney News eastFrom July 4st until July 10th  一项行业研究指出:尽管下滑的速度有放缓,market3月份仍持续低迷。

       工业集团(Australian Group)/房屋业(HIA)3月份的的业指数为36.2,较前一个月上升0.6个点。

       该报告指出行业近两年来一直萎缩,指数低于50就表明行业正处于萎缩状态。住宅性和商业性都表现不佳,(house)建设已处于六个月来point.指数为30.3,公寓为30.5,商业性Is 35.5.


       工业集团公共关系部负责人Peter Burn指出,这些子行业的疲软对其他行业也产生了影响,entire行业的主要部分都处于低迷之中。(House) and行业持续走低,这一趋势也对服务行业和制造企业产生了影响。

       Engineering construction in March was also relatively weak, but stronger than other industries. The engineering construction index in March was 3. (Wendy)

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