Sydney Today, February 2, Australia Eastern Time When housing sales in many areas stagnated or sluggish, data from RP Data showed that in the year to November last year, the median house price of Blacktown increased by 21% to 11. At the same time, 2.7 houses were still sold, becoming the jewel of the Sydney housing market.

Unit sales are also very stable. A total of 317 units were sold, and the price of 28.7 yuan was also comparable to last year. There is no reason why it is so popular here. Its advantage lies in its central location, a thriving retail center and dozens of living facilities. But the most attractive thing is that it is far below Sydney's median house price of 48.5 yuan.

Daniel Formosa, director of Blacktown at real estate agency Starr Partners, said that although 2012 has just started, Blacktown has performed very well. Formosa said that in recent weeks, its office has received 300 buyer inquiries every week, looking for houses with three and four bedrooms. The demand is far greater than the supply. Formosa said: "This year Starr Partners has sold 20 houses."

RP Data-Rismark's house price index data shows that last year, Sydney property depreciated by 0.3%, but Blackrown increased by 2.7%.