Sydney Today, January 1, Australia Eastern Time, now you can buy your own house in a residential area on the coast of Victoria for less than A$8. A sea view house is no longer a dream.

Last year, the Victorian Coastal residential area has always been stable, even better than the situation in Melbourne. According to the survey, the price of housing in the middle segment rose by 4.4% last year. However, many holiday resorts still have large inventory. Many buyers with a little understanding of the market are watching the changes, and then they will sell when it is time to sell.

A coastal residential area resident bought a two-bedroom house for A$13.5, but after he bought it, the sale of the unit was discounted, and the price fell to A$9.95. According to the owner, although It's a bit farther to go to work here, but the distance to the beach is only a five-minute walk, and the living environment is very pleasant.

It is reported that there are still many units for sale in coastal areas that intend to sell at a discount and to buy a home, but home buyers who put the environment in the first consideration can be more careful. A two-bedroom house like Koonawarra Beach Resort has the lowest price of only $9.9. A three-bedroom house generally starts at AUD 16.5, and you can get a house close to the beach with a good comprehensive environment for AUD 19. In some areas, a three-bedroom, two-bathroom house requires at least A$26.5 to get it. In many places, the price is higher than A$30.

The relevant person in charge of the real estate company believes that now is a good time to buy a house. You can choose from many houses, and the price will not be too high. Although the current housing market is still okay, there is still a big difference compared with previous years.