time:2010-03-05source:The Australian Times Author:Special correspondent: Xu Yi


He is a quiet, down-to-earth, down-to-earth, down-to-earth, unobtrusive, unobtrusive, creative and innovative new generation of scholars. Australian Chinese leader.

Zhang Ye, this one drinks Chinese water and eats Chinese rice and grew up, step by step from the vast land of China Coming out and crossing the ocean, the northern man with a strong Chinese complex has lived in Australia for XNUMX years. He has the boldness and integrity of Shandong people, as well as the generosity and wisdom of scholars, and a solid Chinese cultural heritage. And his rich knowledge of Western culture makes him a natural messenger connecting Chinese and Western cultures. He is an associate professor in a university in China, and he has published many books such as "English Idioms Allusions", "Encyclopedia of Chinese Slang and English Translation", "Divorce", etc. He is one of the editors of the large-scale English book "Encyclopedia of Folklore". Some of these works provide effective help for Chinese to learn English and foreigners to understand Chinese. He is also a member of the World Cooperative Education Association. The chairman of Shenzhen English Learning Promotion Association has been busy in Western Australia and Chinese cultural education for many years.

What is most gratifying to Zhang Ye is that the Australian Times he founded has a large number of readers and A supporter, a small newspaper, has become a window for Western Australian Chinese to understand the world and Western Australia for more than ten years, and has played a role in promoting Chinese culture and spreading Western knowledge.

Zhang Ye is good at listening to different opinions, approachable and modest.

A reader of The Australian Times told me that she wrote to Zhang Ye because of a typo in the newspaper Letter, she only hoped that the “Australia Times” would notice these mistakes, but did not expect Zhang Ye to reply. "He quickly returned me a thank-you letter and asked me to point out mistakes and provide advice. This surprised me and also feel happy. I have also written similar letters to other newspapers, and have never responded. "

As the first generation of overseas immigrants, far away from the Yellow River and Yangtze River, he knows the difficulties of living in a foreign country. Xin, knows that it is not easy for the Chinese in Western Australia to integrate into the mainstream society of Australia. He deeply realizes the importance of the unity of overseas Chinese. Only by eliminating gang disputes and forming a harmonious society, can the voices be heard and spoken. Someone cares,Also only Can completely protect the rights of the Chinese themselves. For more than ten years, he has dedicated himself to Chinese public welfare and has done a lot of work for the Chinese community. He has a strong cohesion and is good at uniting Chinese from different backgrounds.2005He founded the "Australia Chinese Mainland Chinese and Friends Union He also served as the first chairman. In just over a year, he had more than XNUMX members, including Chinese from Southeast Asia and Taiwan.

Zhang Ye, who has organizational leadership, successfully advocated and co-organized the "Hua Idol Chinese Songs Grand Prix”, “Ping Pong Championship” and other large-scale cultural and sports activities, and have cooperated with the Western Australian government many times to organize lectures on laws, taxation, and immigration for Chinese. Actively participating in Chinese community workers During the work, Zhang Ye broadened his horizons, accumulated rich experience, and at the same time saw the existing problems.

"How to make the Chinese community united and harmonious? How to mobilize the Chinese people to their own affairs? heart? "Has become his most frequent question. He believes that "the disharmony of the Chinese community has fundamentally weakened the power of the Chinese community to fight for their rights." "So, he said: "The Chinese community should be a Harmonious community where there is no fighting. "

He is a consultant of the Chinese Guild Hall. During the development of the Chinese Guild Hall in recent years, he has participated in intervention and development. Using his power, it played its due role. He took advantage of the position of the "Australian Times" to actively promote the Chinese Association and the outstanding figures in the Chinese community. It’s not difficult to just open the Australian Times over the years The Australian Times has truly recorded and reflected the history of the Chinese in Western Australia over the past ten years, something that has never happened in the history of the Chinese in Western Australia.


Currently, in the general election of the Chinese Club, Zhang Ye, a candidate for the chairman, leads his team to Busy with this election. The first item of his campaign mission is to unite all Chinese and promote the cohesion of the Chinese community.

In order to understand his future development plan and management strategy for the Chinese Association, the largest and most influential Chinese community in Western Australia, I did a special interview with Dr. Zhang Ye for this campaign.

Reporter: Dr. Zhang Ye, why do you want to participate in this election?

Zhang Ye: The Chinese Club has a history of nearly XNUMX years. It is the most influential Chinese community in Western Australia. It represents In the interests of most Chinese. Although the number of registered members of the Chinese Association is not small, in recent years, due to sectarian disputes, sparse management, and opaque conference affairs, the number of members paying fees is not large, and many of them still Children only join the guild hall when they go to a Chinese school, because the tuition fee for joining the guild hall is discounted. Although the management of the club tried to attract members with this method and the method of reducing membership fees, the results were not great. Didn't find the members fundamentally The reason for indifference to the club. We have noticed that in many activities of the Chinese Club, members participate less rather than members participate more. If this goes on, how can members care about the club? It should be said that the development of the Chinese Club is therefore facing With a great challenge, at this time, I think I should stand up and face this challenge. Many members in the museum also hope that I will stand up and provoke this burden.

Reporter; do you think you have the possibility of being elected?

Zhang Ye: No matter what kind of election, there are uncertainties. But from the current situation, I want to say to you "completely possible." I have a very good team, Team members have87Years This is Dr. Zheng Junming, a member of the club’s executive committee. He has rich management experience. My senior vice president is Ms. Chen Qingling. She has worked in the club for more than ten years. The work of the club is very familiar, and Mr. Xu Lizai, who is in charge of finance, is a financial officer who makes the members feel at ease. They have a very good membership base, and they are all old members of the club and have served as the financial staff of the club. another There are also two newcomers, young people, they are new blood, and they will surely bring new thinking and new ideas to the club. The club too needs the participation of the younger generation.

Of course, the most important thing is that the majority of members have changed their minds and hope to change the status quo of the Chinese Club. Let the Zhonghua Guild Hall truly become its own Guild Hall, and members truly become the owners of the Guild Hall. They understand me and my team, and believe that we will make the club better.

另外,We are a hard-working team,will not"Lip service"Write a bad check,What we promised will be fulfilled.

It can be said that our supporters are confident, and my team is also confident.

Reporter: I noticed that you and your team place great emphasis on "unity and harmony". Why?

Zhang Ye: Recently20In XNUMX, immigration from Southeast Asia, Mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong all increased, and the Chinese The community has become more diversified, and the membership of the club has undergone great changes. How to face this change, keep pace with the times and adapt to the new changes is the biggest challenge facing the club’s leadership. The hall belongs to a few people or small groups The guild hall is the guild hall belonging to all members. This is the main concern of most members. My team and I believe that to return the museum to all members, our first task is to eliminate factional interference and unite all members. Have members and build a harmonious hall. A harmonious clubhouse can promote the unity and harmony of the Chinese community.

Reporter: Can you talk about your main policy guidelines? After you are elected, the management of the clubhouse What are the ideas for management and development?

Zhang Ye: Our team has an eight-character philosophy, that is, unity, dedication, reform, Enterprising. These eight characters are not only for this team, but also for the entire Chinese Club.

As I said before, first of all, the guild hall needs unity, and only unity can improve cohesion.

What I emphasize is to build a harmonious hall and a harmonious Chinese community, unite all Chinese, and reform Changing the phenomenon of guild halls serving a few people. There are many Chinese associations in Western Australia. The Chinese are a minority, and the number of them is small. The division into so many associations also disperses the power of the Chinese to fight for their rights. Me and my team deliberately The purpose of expanding the representativeness of the guild hall is to break the boundaries and make the Chinese guild hall a big umbrella. Chinese associations become members of the guild hall group. They are independent and interrelated, so that each Chinese association can manage their own internal affairs. Care about the Chinese Association and the entire Chinese community.

Secondly, reform is needed. If you don't reform, don't seek progress, the road of the club will become narrower and narrower. Hall needs There are many places for reform. Personnel management needs to be reformed, financial management needs to be reformed, and the system also needs to be reformed. The restoration should be restored and the establishment should be established.

At the same time, we will continue to cooperate with the government to strive for greater benefits for the elderly, improve the quality of services for the elderly, improve the service environment, and expand the scope of services. at the same time, Encourage the elderly to participate in conference affairs. This is very important. I always emphasize that the elderly are not only the objects of care, they are also the owners of the Chinese Club. The Chinese Guild Hall cannot claim to be a benefactor, because every member is equal. Age should not prevent the elderly from obtaining equal opportunities for participation.

Reporter: From your conversation and the composition of your team, we can see that you attach great importance to young people. Don't be the case that your team has young people like Yang Shuai and Wang Ye who are willing to public welfare undertakings. Do you want to attract more young people in the Chinese Club?

Zhang Ye: Yes, I have already said that the club too needs the participation of the younger generation. Will now The museum is not attractive to young people, and the youth group that used to be there no longer exists. At present, there are more and more international students and the next generation of Chinese in Western Australia. They are also the objects we want to serve. They are fresh blood and Chinese. The future of the club. We must not only resume the work of the youth group and absorb more young members, but also gradually train young people to become the main force of the Chinese Club and become the future leaders. I hope that one day The main members of the council are young people. So now our team has absorbed two young people who are prosperous and prosperous.

Reporter: In another two years, the Chinese Club will reach its XNUMXth birthday. What are your plans for this?

Zhang Ye:100Anniversary, this is the day of Daqing. In addition to inviting people from all walks of life in Western Australia to participate in the celebration, I We plan to record the Western Australian Chinese who have made significant contributions to the Chinese Association and the Chinese community over the past century, so that Chinese at home and abroad will not forget them.

We will form a committee that is fair, capable and respectful of history,100The anniversary celebrations were both vigorous and effective.

Please tell the readers that my team and I will adhere to the principle of "doing things down-to-earth, doing things truly The principle of "people" is to manage the Chinese Guild well, not for personal benefit, not for the interests of small groups, and build the Chinese Guild Hall into the center of the Chinese district in Western Australia, so that the voice of the Chinese will be heard and valued by the Western Australian government; what the Chinese mentioned Jian Proposal, the Western Australian government adopted and implemented.

Reporter: If you are elected, what facts will you make for the Chinese Club?

Zhang Ye: This is a very good question. Our team is a practical team. During the two years of managing the clubhouse, we will implement the following specific plans:

1. Actively raise funds, set up a China Fund to help the poor, reward advanced and encourage young people.

2. Restart the nursing center (Auctum Centre) To expand services for the elderly.

3. Set up a youth committee to let them carry out activities independently according to their own characteristics.

4. Set up an elderly committee to allow the elderly to improve their ability to manage themselves.

5. Reform Chinese school education to give schools more autonomy.

6. Seek government and private funding to provide legal consulting services.

7. Develop new immigrant services.

8. The Women and Children’s Committee was established, and Chinese kindergartens and Chinese schools were established.

9. Published the Chinese Association and Western Australia Chinese History Series to record the history of the Chinese.

10. Actively raise funds for the Chinese Cultural Center to expand its functions.

Of course, in order to achieve these goals, it’s not enough to rely on our team. It depends on everyone Members, rely on everyone who cares about the Chinese Association and the Chinese community, here I thank everyone who supports me.


During the interview, I could feel Zhang Ye’s personality charm, his humble and unassuming learning The image of the person, his always smiling eyes, make people close to him feel trust and respect for him.

Finally, let me use his team members' evaluation of him to end my article.

"Zhang Yebo The scholar is a capable person, a scholar-like leader, and he should lead the Chinese Guild Hall in a new direction. "

"Dr. Zhang Ye has provided new ideas, new blood and new directions for the Chinese Club, especially for serving members."

"Dr. Zhang Ye has the ability to lead the Chinese Association, and he should have this opportunity to make more contributions to the Chinese community."

"Dr. Zhang Ye has done a lot of work in the Chinese community, and the Chinese Club is the largest Chinese community in Western Australia. If he has the opportunity to contribute The Chinese Association serves as the president, which will definitely bring a new atmosphere to the Chinese community. "

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