2014-01-25 10:38:53 Source: Australian website Alisonedit

Two Australian judicial officials were removed from their posts by the Nauru government and returned to Australia on Sunday (19th). Nauru responded to this on the 24th. Nauru has the right to decide the detention of foreigners.

This behavior in Nauru is believed to be caused by political factors. Earlier, the Nauru Ministry of Justice declared the two refugees illegal immigrants and gave them a week to leave the country. But the two men applied to the court for an appeal. The Australian judge Peter Law refused the Nauru government to repatriate them, and the Nauru government subsequently removed them. The Australian Chief Justice Gepffrey Eames issued an injunction to stop the incident after learning about the incident. However, the President of Nauru suspended his Nauru visa and prevented Eames from returning to Nauru from Australia to interfere in the matter. To the outside world claiming that it did not act in accordance with the law, Nauru's President Baron Waqa made a fierce rebuttal, "We will decide who can come to our country." "If other countries use similar methods to protect the border, we respect it." Waka pointed out, "Nauru has had precedents of overseas people holding important positions in the past, and some of them have acted in the performance of official duties that are completely unacceptable to the government. "

(Australia Net)