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The man in Shenyang armed with a knife in front of the ATM machine robbed him, but he was subdued on the spot by the father and son. Known as "the saddest and funny robber in history," Zhao Mou was interviewed again, telling the motives of the crime and then exploded classic quotations: "The outside world is sinister, I have to withdraw", "Making money is someone else's dream, I come in as me Dream, I have to come in, I can’t stay outside!"


Dialogue with Shenyang "the saddest urging robbers": never thought they were saving money

On the evening of November 2013, 11, in a bank self-service hall on Wenhua East Road, Shenhe District, Shenyang, a gangster in a hoodie put a fruit knife on the neck of a depositor: "Give me all the money. !Hurry up!"

"Why!" The two depositors were not afraid at all, one of them hit the fruit knife aside as soon as he raised his elbow. Then the gangster was held tightly by the depositor until the police arrived and captured him.

The robber said when he committed the crime, "I heard the money from the ATM, so I went in for a knife and tried to grab some. He never expected that he was not withdrawing money, but saving it!" "The money is gone, I add up Grab a cigarette, the cigarette was not given to me, this robbery was a failure."