NSW was pushed into alleys and raped on Australia’s Women’s Street when it’s not peaceful at midnight – Australian News – Sydney

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        讯 澳洲东部时间1月28日 警方呼吁知情民众为昨日发生在Marrickville的案提供线索。

        At around 2:15am yesterday, a 42-year-old woman was walking down Warren Rd. Suddenly a man approached her and threatened her on another street, pushing her to a corner.

        了解,该男子对女子实施了,并用重拳击打女子脸部,随后向Livingstone Rd逃离。

        Marrickville地方行动组的在获悉此事后立刻赶到现场。他们对周边地区大面积搜索,但是仍未The man.

        The victim refused to accept照顾,而在Marrickville警署接受警方调查。


        Any knowledgePlease assist the police in the investigation.


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