2014-01-28 14:15:00 Source: Sydney Original Website Celiaedit

Sydney, January 1, Australian Eastern Time, the police appealed to the public to provide clues to the sexual assault that occurred in Marrickville yesterday.

At around 2:15am yesterday, a 42-year-old woman was walking down Warren Rd. Suddenly a man approached her and threatened her on another street, pushing her to a corner.

It is understood that the man sexually assaulted the woman, punched the woman in the face with heavy punches, and then fled to Livingstone Rd.

The local operations team of Marrickville rushed to the scene immediately after learning of the incident. They conducted extensive searches in the surrounding area, but still did not find the man.

The victim refused medical attention and was investigated by the police at Marrickville Police Station.

The man is described as having a white appearance, fair skin, in his 40s, 170-175cm tall, short gray hair, and of medium build. He was last seen wearing a black long-sleeved shirt, gray sweatpants and slippers.

Anyone familiar with the situation should assist the police in the investigation.