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Starting "point gold" as the name of the company and its products means that the company is honest and credible, and the products are genuine
Starting "point gold" as the name of the company and its products means that the company is honest and credible, and the products are genuine

Mr. Lai Ruichang was born in Malaysia
Mr. Lai Ruichang was born in Malaysia

I like "Dianjin" sauces, especially lemongrass sauce, which has a spicy and spicy flavor, which is an authentic Malaysian flavor.

The first time I tasted the "Dianjin" sauce was in the "Lai Lai Restaurant" opened by Mr. Lai Ruichang. The restaurant is in the beautiful port city of Fremantle in Western Australia. I am not the only one who likes Mr. Lai's sauce. In addition to many local customers, many seafarers from all over the world will go to the "Lai Lai Restaurant" to taste the sauces made by Mr. Lai as soon as the ship arrives at Fremantle Port. In particular, British crew members would buy his sauce and bring them back to the UK. What is even more surprising is that some crew members were on vacation and did not arrive in Perth. They would also entrust other crew members to help them take some home.

People like Mr. Lai Ruichang's sauces more than the meals made by "Come to the Restaurant". This was beyond Mr. Lai's expectations, and he had to readjust his business thinking and put the business center on his sauces. . This is very similar to the story of the well-known Chinese "Lao Gan Ma" spicy sauce. Tao Huabi, the founder of "Lao Gan Ma" sauce, opened a jelly noodle shop in the early days and the business was booming. It is said that one morning after Tao Huabi woke up, he felt dizzy and did not go to the vegetable market to buy the chilies needed for the sauce. She estimates: There are several kinds of condiments for mixing jelly, and the lack of spicy sauce will not delay business. Unexpectedly, after the store opened, customers came to eat jelly and they heard that there was no spicy sauce, so they turned around and left. She felt very puzzled: Does the customer here do not like my jelly, but the spicy sauce I make? Could it be that my small shop is booming because of this spicy sauce? After discovering the secret that customers liked her spicy sauce more than jelly, Tao Huabi simply gave up the jelly shop and concentrated on managing her spicy sauce. As a result, her "Laoganma" became the most famous brand of Chinese sauce.

Mr. Lai Ruichang seemed to take the same path as Tao Huabi, except that he took greater risks.


Mr. Lai Ruichang was born in Malaysia. He was fond of Chinese martial arts and karate since he was a child. He has been a master of karate and is a black belt second-tier master. When he was young, he was engaged in the entertainment and catering industry. In the 70s and early 80s, he was the manager of the famous Genting Highland Hotel, Kuala Lumpur Central Hotel in Malaysia, and famous restaurants, restaurants and nightclubs in some cities in Indonesia. He was also one of the directors of the famous red carpet bowling alley at that time, and served as a senior manager, responsible for the overall affairs of the arena. Currently on the site of the red carpet bowling alley, towering the world-famous twin towers. During that period, he was a well-known manager in the catering and entertainment industry in Malaysia. In his social circle, many senior figures were his friends. Even the Sultan of Malaysia at the time became his good friend. He often Drinking and eating with movie stars at the time.

When his family immigrated to Australia in the early 80s, none of his friends could understand his choice: to give up a high-paying career, a comfortable environment, and a good life, but to a Perth that was still like a big town in the 80s. What's more, what do you want to start from a new beginning? “I just want to change the environment. Maybe it’s too busy in Malaysia. I need a quiet life. To be precise, I am pursuing a higher quality of life, a quiet and orderly life. Perth is just such a city. I Of course I prefer to live in this environment." He told reporters.

He did not shrink from the unexpected difficulties faced by immigrants. Based on his years of experience in managing the catering industry, he opened a restaurant and personally cooks. From a senior manager to a manager who requires chefs to prepare meals, to a small boss and chef who has to do everything by himself, this is a great change in Mr. Lai’s life, but it is this change, and The attitude of accepting the change allowed him to boldly abandon the catering business and start a sauce business instead.

Mr. Lai Ruichang started his "Dianjin" sauce production four years ago. After final thinking, he decided to abandon the "Lai Lai Restaurant" which has a history of more than XNUMX years and devote himself to the sauce industry. This transition was a big challenge for him. He gave up the famous "Lai Lai Restaurant" in Fremantle, gave up working in the catering industry that he was familiar with for most of his life, and went to run the restaurant business he was not familiar with. There is no stable source of customers, and food production that requires a large amount of capital investment. According to Mr. Lai Ruichang, “This is not only a challenge, but also a risk, a brand-new attempt. I have no success or failure. Sure, but I know there are customers who like my sauce. As long as my sauce is made more suitable for customers' tastes and has higher quality, I believe there will be a market and business."

Mr. Lai Ruichang has an optimistic and bold personality, and he looks very energetic. He belongs to the kind of entrepreneur who dares to pioneer and forge ahead. "Actually, I was a manager. I never thought I would open a restaurant by myself, let alone make sauces. There are always many unexpected things in life, but I have to face it in the end." He was talking to me about his In my experience, he said, “There is nothing difficult in the process of starting a business. The key depends on how you look at the difficulties, persisting or giving up, moving forward or retreating. The results are different. I have great experience in this regard.”

Yes, Mr. Lai Ruichang's life credo is "Never give up in the face of difficulties." Operating food production in Australia requires a large amount of investment in advance when there is no business. Moreover, Australia's food hygiene requirements are extremely strict. It usually takes a year for each new product to be approved by the health department. If the product does not meet the Australian hygiene requirements, if no one buys the product, what should I do if there is no market in Australia? There are too many "ifs". If ordinary people face these "ifs", they would have long since retreated, but Mr. Lai Ruichang regarded these "ifs" as a kind of challenge and boldly invested capital, from plant location to plant design; from product development to product development. Name the product; from raw material selection to equipment purchase, he carefully considered and decided carefully. In the early days of entrepreneurship, he personally worked on product development, market development, and customer delivery, and guided his employees accordingly.


"Dianjin" company is located in a quiet side street in the south of Perth Henan. A two-story villa-shaped building uniquely highlights the company among the many low-rise factories around it, allowing each to The interviewees feel the high-quality production environment, and therefore have a natural trust in the "Dianjin" company.

When the company was founded, a friend suggested that the company and its products continue to be named "Lai Lai" because "Lai Lai" has a history of several decades, and it is almost well-known in Fremantle. Mr. Lai Ruichang has his ideas. He believes that sauce products should face a broad range of Australian customers, face the entire world, and should not be limited to regions. The name must be representative and meaningful. Therefore, he uses the name "Golden" to show that his company is honest and reliable, and his sauce products are made of real materials.

In terms of using raw materials, Mr. Lai personally investigated the main raw materials of products such as peanuts and peppers. In the early days of business, the general businessmen would choose cheap raw materials to ensure cost reduction, but Mr. Lai Ruichang would choose high-quality and high-priced raw materials under the premise of ensuring quality. "Our product is'point gold', it is the real material, the'gold' in the sauce, and the raw material must be the best." He told the company's employees.

To ensure good quality, good raw materials are not enough. The production of sauces requires a certain temperature, especially the freshly produced products must be cooled quickly, a large ice storage is required, and a refrigerated truck is required for delivery. These equipments are very expensive, and to purchase them, you need to invest hundreds of thousands or even millions. When there is no customer and no market yet, this kind of investment carries a great risk. Mr. Lai Ruichang sees that in order to have customers and a market, we must have high-quality products. Manufacturing requires advanced equipment. “No matter how expensive it is, you have to invest, otherwise, how can a good product come out.” When introducing the factory equipment to the reporter, Mr. Lai said to me, “I didn’t have no worries in my heart at the time. The equipment was put in and my house was mortgaged to purchase these equipment.” He pointed to the Mercedes-Benz refrigerated truck parked outside and said, “This is the most reliable refrigerated truck. I want to make sure that during the delivery process, I The sauce is always at the required temperature."

Then, Mr. Lai Ruichang told me, “The most difficult thing is to run the market. Those big companies and factories don’t buy your account at all. At that time, I took the product to meet the product development manager of a large company and went there twice. He is not interested in my sauce at all. He doesn’t want to use it no matter what I talk about. Do you insist or shrink? Go or not? After being rejected twice, maybe people will give up. But I still go again, this When I went there again, I brought not only the sauce, but also the food cooked from the sauce. I asked the manager to taste it. As a result, after he finished tasting, he was full of praise and immediately gave me an order." Mr. Lai personally ran the market to find customers. Looking back at the scene when he started his business, Mr. Lai expressed joy and pride. He said, “Now many large food companies and factories in Perth are my customers. There is a company The pie made with the sauce I provided has won gold awards and many other awards in the WA Agriculture Fair. I am very happy for this."

Mr. Lai Ruichang has a special sensitivity to taste. To be precise, he has a special feeling. He can taste the taste that ordinary people cannot taste. He will tell you the salty, sweet, sour, spicy and other tastes that ordinary people cannot perceive. With this "natural nature", he can prepare a variety of different sauces, and can also develop suitable sauces according to customer requirements. Now, he is still a consultant for some companies' new product development. If the company has new product development, the development manager will ask him to try the product and ask him to prepare a new flavor of sauce.

Because of Mr. Lai’s rich knowledge and unique experience in food, especially taste, Luk Fook, the largest chain group in Malaysia’s food industry, invited him to join him. He is currently one of the shareholders of Luk Fook Group and is the owner of Luk Fook mooncakes in Western Australia. General agent.

In recent years, the main products of "Dianjin" company include more than a dozen products such as lemongrass sauce, satay sauce, sambal sauce, Gaza sauce and curry fish sauce. In addition to retailing in some supermarkets in Australia, most of the products of "Dianjin" have entered the "Top 90" supermarkets in Hong Kong and parts of China. At the same time, the company also provides more than XNUMX% of Chinese restaurants in Western Australia and Chinese restaurants in eastern cities. Satay, curry paste and other ingredients.

In just over four years, "Dianjin" sauce has opened up its market in Western Australia, and is steadily expanding, step by step to the world.


During the return journey of the interview, I was deeply moved: this is really "the one who knows is wise, but the non-wise one knows." There are many Chinese who open restaurants overseas, but how many, like Mr. Lai, are constantly innovating in opening restaurants, discovering new business opportunities, and seeking greater development? Many Chinese run restaurants, and they are getting smaller and smaller, and some of them are closed in the end, because they lack the wisdom of the clear.

I hope this interview of my character can provide readers with some ideas and give some inspiration. At the same time, I also hope that there will be more entrepreneurs like Mr. Lai Ruichang among the Chinese in Western Australia.

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