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Source: Luxe.Co  candyedit

       The year of 2013, the "Golden Tyrant", finally has a gorgeous end.

       A few days ago, the United States推出限量版“土豪金卡”,标价450美元,卡片含有纯金,及400美元额度,持有者可享有Goldtreatment.

        interesting,这批限量卡是通过美国著名奢侈品闪购网站 独家发售的,周五开卖后瞬间售罄。


       说,在 Gilt 开售前,就有400张卡内定给了金卡老,另外还有100张卡因为Gilt系统事故,比预定的闪购It was on sale in advance and was sold on Thursday.

       ,到周五 Gilt 正式启动闪购时,仅剩下500张土豪金卡供抢购。等候名单上还有超过1.1在苦苦期盼着。

       大批没能抢到的死忠粉涌上和Gilt的Facebook 主页抗议,对土豪金卡的发售过程表示强烈不满,有追随20年的老顾客甚至威胁要抵制.

       Business Insider reported that there are currently more than 100 local gold cards resold on E-Bay with a price tag of $5000.

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