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The year of 2013, the "Golden Tyrant", finally has a gorgeous end.

A few days ago, Starbucks in the United States launched a limited edition "Typical Gold Card" with a price tag of US$450. The card contains pure gold and has a spending limit of US$400. Holders can enjoy Starbucks Gold membership treatment.

Interestingly, these limited-edition cards were exclusively sold through, a famous American luxury flash sale website, and sold out instantly after it went on sale on Friday.


It is said that before Gilt went on sale, 400 cards were given to old Starbucks gold card members, and another 100 cards went on sale earlier than the scheduled flash sale time due to the Gilt system accident and were sold on Thursday. .

As a result, when Gilt officially launched its flash sale on Friday, only 500 Starbucks local gold cards were left for rush purchase. There are more than 1.1 people waiting on the waiting list.

A large number of diehard fans who could not be grabbed flocked to the Facebook pages of Starbucks and Gilt to protest, expressing strong dissatisfaction with the selling process of the local gold card, and some old customers who have followed for 20 years even threatened to boycott Starbucks.

Business Insider reported that there are currently more than 100 local gold cards resold on E-Bay with a price tag of $5000.