Chinese New Year celebrations successively staged the largest celebrations in Sydney's history

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Posted on Friday, January 2014, 1 24:14

        澳广网22日报道,悉尼市长摩尔(Clover Moore)近日在该市道教寺院举行农历新年的媒体发布会,启动该市农历新年庆典活动。该市庆典活动将从1月24日持续至2月9日。届时,悉尼大街小巷和主要公共场所将迎来80异彩纷呈的庆祝活动,涵盖、中国烹饪美食、茶文化和民间手工艺品展示、寺庙祈福之旅、农历新年盛宴、A dazzling array of festive feasts such as races, lantern parade, Golden Dragon Ball, and Chinese Film Festival.

        Moore said that, unlike previous years, this year's celebrations will resume using the name "Chinese Lunar New Year Celebration", while also inviting Asian communities in Vietnam and South Korea that also celebrate the Lunar New Year to participate. Sydney’s Lunar New Year celebrations have expanded year by year. This year’s celebration will be the world’s largest Lunar New Year celebration outside of Mainland China.

        At the Green Pine View of the Taoist Temple in Sydney where the media conference is located, Moore alsoStrike the bell and pray for world peace and social justice in the coming year.Mr. Philip Lai, the person in charge of Green Pine View, also said that he is happy for the Sydney City Government to promote and tolerate Taoism and multiculturalism.
        墨尔本交响乐团负责人格雷米勒特(André Gremillet)表示,奥和格莱美获奖作曲家、指挥家谭盾将携手墨尔本交响乐团于2月7日在墨尔本The center held the "East meets West" performanceYes, to celebrate the arrival of the Year of the Horse.Tan Dun will perform in Australia for the first timeIts two main orchestral works.

        墨尔本戴瑞滨市(Darebin)也将于本月31日晚和2月1日分别举行两场跨文化新年庆典活动。拉筹伯大学、墨尔本东北部华人协会(NEMCA)及其他团体将进行京剧、太极、书法、舞龙Wait for the show. Penny Jamieson, a spokesperson for the Preston Business Advisory Committee, said that local Chinese run 70% of businesses. If this celebration is successful, it will expand in the coming year and invite merchants to hold a night market.



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