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Sports Australia published a critical article after Li Na's strong promotion to the top 4 women's singles, calling on Australian audiences to cheer for "Aussie LI", the only remaining "local player" in the Asia-Pacific region in the semifinals on Thursday Cheer, and bluntly said that Azarenka was the only obstacle to Li Na's final victory.

With Li Na's strong advancement in the first women's singles quarter-finals of the 21 Australian Open that ended on the 2014st, the only player from the Asia-Pacific region in the Australian Open women's singles was sealed in Melbourne Park. The expectations are undoubtedly getting higher and higher. After the match, the Australian Sports Network published a commentary entitled "AussieLI (AussieLI) Continuing the Hope of Australian Open". Li Na, as the only Asian and Thai player in the women's singles semifinals, is fully expected to help Australia in The Australian Open won the first "local Australian Open women's singles championship" in nearly 36 years.

As the only one of the four Grand Slam events held in the Asia-Pacific region, in recent years the Australian Open Organizing Committee has been committed to promoting the Australian Open as a "Grand Slam in the Asia-Pacific Region" worldwide. Therefore, Many Chinese golden flowers from the Asia-Pacific region, including Li Na and Zheng Jie, have repeatedly received high attention from the organizing committee in Melbourne Park. Today, Australian players such as Stosur and De La Quea are all out of the women’s singles competition. Tomic, Hewitt, and the Japanese brother Kei Nishikori who also come from the Asia-Pacific region have bid farewell to the men’s singles. Li Na, who swept Pennetta 6-2 with two XNUMX-XNUMXs to advance to the Australian Open semi-finals again, has become the only surviving Asian-Pacific player in the entire Australian Open singles arena. Therefore, how far the Chinese first sister can go is a matter of course. This is what Australian fans are concerned about.

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In this commentary, the article bluntly stated that Li Na is not only the hope of the entire Asia-Pacific region, but also the hope of local Australian fans. Therefore, it appealed to all Australians to cheer for her in the semi-finals on Thursday, and said In the case of Serena and Shava's upset and outs, it is optimistic that the Chinese sister can become the first "Australian" in the last 1978 years after Chris O'Neal left the Daphne Cup in Australia in 36. The following is an excerpt from this article:

In the Australian Open where there were no local players in the two singles matches, it is now time to describe another good thing, and that is China's Li Na.

Indeed, this is after all the Grand Slam of the entire Asia-Pacific region, isn’t it? Isn't Li Na also the only player sponsored by Crown Casino? Does her last name sound exactly the same as the last name of the former Australian cricket bowler (Translator's Note: Brett Lee, former Australian cricket player)?

She hasn't won this event yet, hasn't she made this event her own? Because of this, did she become the loser in the final with Azarenka?

One of our most recent prime ministers (translator's note: former Australian Prime Minister Rudd) can speak fluent Mandarin? I mean, China and Australia are basically the same country, and I am convinced that this is true. Therefore, when "Aussie Li" will be in the semi-finals on Thursday, I think Channel7 (the live broadcast TV station) should also have our flag next to her name.

Li Na's performance in Melbourne Park is so stable, but she has never succeeded. Li Na is completely hungry for the championship. While proving that the doubters are wrong, she can also win the only big French Open in 2011. Add another one next to the slam laurel.

Now Serena (Serena) and Maria (Sharapova) are no longer there. Simply put, the only one standing on her way to win the championship is Azarenka, but Li Na was 6-2 in Istanbul last year. Swept the opponent 6-1 and ended his previous record of five consecutive defeats by the Belarusians. Now, with the support of her "home" fans, Li Na will shoulder the hope of winning the local Grand Slam championship in the entire Asia-Pacific region since Chris O'Neal won the women's singles championship in 1978.

Please, Li Na, help Australia achieve this!

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